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Mar. 30, 2013, 11:55 PM
For the very first time!

I decided last-minute to have a few friends over to celebrate Easter. I'm not religious, so it was never a big deal growing up (especially after my grandparents passed), but we always used it as an excuse to make a big meal and spend time with friends and family. Typically, we'd make homemade lasagna and roast a turkey, but I decided to take a different approach.

The theme is local, organic, and sustainable so I worked my menu around what I could find at my local farmer's market and co-op grocer's. And this is what I came up with!

-Honey glazed duck (local, pasture-raised, humanely slaughtered)
-Gluten-free sweet potato casserole
-Whipped potatoes (using goat's milk products in place of cow's milk)
-Sauteed green beans with garlic and coconut oil
-Homemade sweet sorghum/almond flour bread
-Glazed carrots
-Gluten free vanilla cake with gluten and preservative free frosting

I just finished the casserole (ready to go in the oven for tomorrow) and the bread is in the bread maker. I'll make the cake in the morning after I ride. I'm debating doing the whipped potatoes now instead of later. I've never made duck before so I want to be able to keep a close eye on it and not worry about making the rest of the side dishes.

I'm actually really excited, I'm hoping it turns out half as tasty as it sounds! What is everyone else making for their Easter/Sunday dinner?

Mar. 31, 2013, 12:17 AM
Ham from the champion market hog at last summer's 4H fair (our little charitable giving each year!)
Au Gratin potatoes
Roasted asparagus
Deviled eggs from our own hens
Fresh rolls and jams we put up last year

My SIL will be bringing dessert, otherwise, I'd make cupcakes from scratch (I love to bake and use my decorating stuff!)

We're keeping it simple this year, only 9 of us at dinner. We'll go to Mass early, and since the weather is supposed to be amazing (74 degrees and sunny..in March...in PDX??!) do a bunch of outside tasks before doing up dinner.

Mar. 31, 2013, 12:19 AM
Your dinner sounds like so much fun! I love to cook. I bet your friends have the best Easter ever with such a good menu.

I am making a little tiny roast pork tenderloin with some zucchini, just for me :) Growing up and most of my life Easter was a really big production, I enjoyed it but in the past few years after really figuring out what Easter meant (yeah, that whole born again Jesus freak thing), I really have liked spending it in more of a quiet reflection sort of way? Not that I wouldn't enjoy a fun, fabulous dinner like the one you have planned.

I hope it turns out perfect, share how the duck does please.

Mar. 31, 2013, 09:36 AM
Your dinner sounds wonderful and I would enjoy attending. What time should I arrive?

To me it is the sharing of joy that makes the event special. My family will begin to arrive around 1p.m. The house will be full of kids, dogs and laughing people. Looks like rain for the afternoon, so the usual hike might not take place, and I will hide the eggs inside.

A feast is in the making which means leftovers for lunch all week. Ham, turkey, lasagna, potatoes, baby mixed green salad, glazed carrots, green beans, and corn. Afternoon snacks and desserts will arrive with the guests. Grandma will bring the orange jello salad that never is eaten. (we will all be disappointed the year it doesn't appear)

I will clean, but not too much, as the house will be a trash pit by mid afternoon. At the end of the day everyone will tidy up, and I will wash the floors tomorrow. Our lives are never ending semi contained chaos, and we enjoy it !!

Happy Easter Everyone

Mar. 31, 2013, 10:10 AM
A joint effort with my sister. My contributions are

Red Wine, Caramel, and Vinegar Glazed Cippolini Onions
Scalloped Apples
Celery and Parmesan Salad
Parmesan Bread Pudding with Broccoli Rabe and Pancetta

We'll also have our grandma's pot roast with red cabbage and mashed taters, Sister's Amazing mac n'cheese, ham, creamed spinach, green beans and a Big Salad. Dont know or really care what if anything is for dessert;)

Mar. 31, 2013, 10:20 AM
Growing up, a fresh ham or a roast leg of lamb was the norm, along with Czech bread dumplings, sauerkraut, creamed spinach, etc., etc., but since hubby isn't a red-meat eater, Easters for us have either been a roast duck or a smoked turkey.

While I never seem to be able to find smoked turkeys at Easter time (although I'm tripping over them during the Thanksgiving/Xmas holidays) & end up ordering them online (Burker's Smokehouse, which I love), this year I managed to score a small "Butterball" smoked turkey locally for the first time. Have never had one before, & am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't overly salty like so many smoked products seem to be.

We'll start out with Spanokopita triangles for a pre-dinner snack, & then along with the smoked turkey I'll be serving a "Broccoli Blue Cheese Casserole", plain baked & buttered whole sweet potatoes, a green salad, & hubby's beloved Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. For dessert, I'll be trying out a new recipe - "Brown Sugar Banana Parfaits with Maple-Glazed Pecans".

It's just the two of us, so that'll be more than enough food, & I'm sure we'll be enjoying plenty of leftovers. ;)