View Full Version : GoRuck Heavy (24 hours) Challenge. I think I'm crazy. Anyone done it?

Mar. 30, 2013, 12:37 PM
This is definitely one of those "it sounded like a good idea at the time" things.

My boyfriend has done the GoRuck challenge before, but he did the 12 hour one. I have not. Well, he and I both signed up for the 24 hour one.

I think I'm nuts.

So. Have any of you done it? What's the best way to train for this? My plan right now (in addition to PT 5 days a week) is to ruck 2x a week (one 6 mi, one 18 mi... I know that won't be close to the distance we'll cover but it's the best I can do with the amount of time I have), run 3 days a week, and work on strengthening my legs/upper body.

For the next 6 weeks I am limited on time and space. After mid-May I'll have access to a crossfit gym and will have time to do longer rucks which will help a lot too.


Mar. 30, 2013, 02:20 PM
Okay, after reading your post, I admit to having googled GoRuck, as I had no idea what this was. After reading several accounts from people who had done these challenges, all I can say is HOLY $H!T!! That looks like one intense 24 hours. It seems, from what little I read, that quite a few of the participants are military/ex-military and have some idea of the type of intense physical and mental conditioning necessary to accomplish this. I like that it is a team effort, but *personally* don't feel like *I* could ever be in a state of fitness that would allow me to feel like I was equally contributing to the challenge (carrying 75+ lbs. blocks of concrete for some distance, carrying a team member up and down stairs, doing the whole challenge with a 40 lb. backpack on). Yikes! I consider myself pretty fit, but that is so beyond what I feel capable of. I give you a TON of credit for even considering this, and hope you keep us updated on your training and how the challenge goes.