View Full Version : Real Estate FSBO or Private Sale- commission Savings Worth the Hassle?

Mar. 29, 2013, 05:26 PM
I'm seeking feedback on whether selling real estate privately or FSBO is worth the hassle for the commissions savings.

We have been privately approached regarding the sale of a property we own and have been considering selling for awhile. The market has recovered enough that we think we would only take a small loss on the property (based on comps).

If we sold it privately ourselves, the commissions savings would further reduce the loss we would take on the property.

I have a thought in my head that if it really did sell privately (to this one individual without having to put it on the market and show it) it would be worth it. But if we were to do a FSBO (and possibly have to coordinate multiple showings), maybe not worth it.

Thoughts or feedback appreciated :)

Mar. 29, 2013, 05:38 PM
I would agree. If you have an interested buyer I certainly wouldn't (in TX anyway!) use a realtor for the paperwork and lose 6%. However, having just sold a property, I am so glad we did use a realtor - she advertised it in way more places than we would have done, did great fliers, held an open house etc etc. However, there are realtors and realtors - a good one is worth it, a bad one and you might as well do it yourself.

I used 2 - the 1st one had it 4 months, only had 2 showings and made me reduce my price twice. The second one had it 2 weeks, 6 showings and sold it full price, cash, no survey and no appraisal - THAT was worth it.