View Full Version : Western Maryland: Free Lease for 10yr old 16.1 OTTB Gelding

Nov. 28, 2012, 09:20 PM
Hey everyone!

I'm in the market to free lease my OTTB , Burrito, for an indeterminate amount of time. He is 16.1 gray gelding that is sound to W/T/C and jump. He is green to jumping but very willing. I just have not had the interest to do more than the odd cross rail. He will trail ride alone or with others and isn't fussy about where he is (lead, middle, or last in line). He also LOVES treats, being groomed, and generally having attention of any kind! No buck, rear, bolt... etc. Most of the time he is actually pretty slow. Once he gets a little motivation he is great mover and listens well.

I want to keep him at the farm he is currently since it seems to be a good fit for him. Large pastures, barns, and fields to ride in. The farm backs up to the C & O Canal and you are allowed to ride on the towpath and trails. There is an outdoor ring with a few jumps and semi hilly pasture for a little bit of hill work. The BOs and other boarders are really fun and friendly! There is also a trainer available but you are welcome to bring your own. The barn is very laid back and a great place to hang out.

Unfortunately, right now I just do not have the time to ride between work and a 19 month old daughter. Also, my husband's place of employment gave him a early Christmas gift.... more time with family! (They cut his hours... pretty much all of them)

PM me if you might be interested in a full or partial free lease! Thanks!