View Full Version : Footing question for new paddock

Jul. 31, 2012, 05:31 PM
I am in the process of building a new farmette on a small site which used to be woods. The area which will be used as a paddock has been cleared of trees, but I have not yet had someone in to clean up the remaining root and small branch rubble. This will be a turnout area for 2-4 horses, and sometimes used for riding by myself. To say the soil is sandy is an understatement...it's sand. I will not be attempting to grow grass! My question is whether I will need to amend the soil with something or whether I can leave it as-is (assuming I will be dragging it as needed for leveling). Will soil that is very sandy by nature always give you deep footing like a beach, or is it a good base? How do you tell? What would I add to improve it?

I am not opposed to improving the footing - just want to plan to do it before the fencing is installed!

Needless to say, the drainage is excellent :lol:

Aug. 2, 2012, 11:54 AM
I have added clay to mix with the sand - helps retain moisture. Manure will also help retain moisture while adding nutrients to the soil.

But I suggest getting a professionals opinion - do you have a local agricultural department where you can get (free) advice? That's what I've done in the past and have found some "good ole boys" who really know their stuff and are more than willing to help.