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Blume Farm
Jul. 18, 2012, 09:43 PM
I have sand footing in my small arena (60 X 150) but want to add some rubber. I found some rubber mulch for playgrounds for sale on CL at a good price (I think). They are selling it in 2K lb super sacs at $490/ sac. I have done the calculators on line to figure out how much to buy but it seems like so much...like 5 bags for 1.5".

For those that added rubber how much did you add? I may have to pull some sand out as it is about 2.5" deep right now.

Jul. 20, 2012, 05:27 PM
I added rubber to my outdoor arena. My arena size is 120w x 200l and to get approximately one inch of rubber it took 27 tons (27 super sacks).

1.5" seems like a lot of rubber - most reccomendations that I found when I was looking said 1/2" for dressage and 1" for jumping. I've been happy with 1" combined with 1 1/2" sand.

Best of luck!

Jul. 20, 2012, 07:38 PM
I would be careful with a product not specifically for a riding arena. There is a barn that had the playground stuff put in and the pieces are too big...does not mix well with the sand and horrible...

Jul. 20, 2012, 09:58 PM
We just put in an arena with sand and crumb rubber footing, 90' X 180' with 1 1/2" sand and 1/2" rubber. We got 10 2,000 lb bags of ProStride. I would definitely shop around and even ask for samples. The price you mentioned doesn't sound like a great deal to me, especially if it isn't meant for arena footing.

I love the footing, it is fantastic. I think the companies try to tell you that you need more rubber than you actually do in order to have great footing. 1/2" is PLENTY of rubber for 1 1/2" of sand. I think you might have to take some sand out to get the proportions right. My footing almost seems too deep if you can believe it, and the sand was laid precisely by a paver, so it really is 1 1/2" (washed mortar sand).

Having just done this, I'll offer a little advice that might be helpful. Consider the fact that you will need a forklift to get those huge sacks off of the truck and into your arena for spreading. You can rent them. We paid around $900 which included delivery. I hadn't factored that in when I was pricing everything out.

Another issue is heavy rain....we had a massive deluge a few days ago and our rubber footing floated to the top and was carried away by the strong currents of water. Quite a bit floated right out of the arena! Oops, my husband has now placed boards along the bottom of the fence to hold the footing in! Sand just doesn't travel like rubber does, trust me!