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Jul. 12, 2012, 04:57 PM
After much waffling, I’ve decided that I have to put a shedrow up for my 2 retirees and 1 show horse. To build a center aisle would require me to put the barn 2000 feet from my house. Running water and electric out there would cost as much as the barn. To me, that’s not a good use of my limited budget right now.

I have about a 40 x 40 area about 100 feet from my house to work with. I’m limited by woods and a steep hill on two sides, and the house on another. I don't want a center aisle here, it would take up the whole space and block the view from the house. My plan as it stands right now is a 40x 24 building with 3 -10x12 stalls, a 10x10 tack/ feed room. I want to close in one side of the aisle so I can have a wash rack (there will be a 3x3 window or an enterance door here so air can still circulate. I want to have 12’ walls with a 20’ peak. A ridge vent, and large windows near the roof peak that can open and close.

Here are my biggest questions.

1.) Which way does a shedrow face to the predominant winds? Most of the big Center aisle barns in the area face N-S. Our winds in the summer come from the S-SW. And in the winter, the W-NW.

2.) What material should I put in front of the stalls under the overhang. My two retirees have never been stalled, but I would like to make sure they are invited to use the overhang for shelter. Right now I am thinking the stall grids with limestone/ bluestone. Thoughts/ suggestions.

Since this is going to be near the house, I would like it to be aesthetically pleasing as well… which is not making this process any easier. Last night I had a dream that they built the barn without following my plans and it was not close to what I wanted. :no:

http://www.pennypincherbarns.com/BarnKits/ShedRowsRunIns.aspx the 22 x 46 breezway barn is kind of along the lines of what I was thinking.

All thoughts appreciated.

Jul. 13, 2012, 11:22 AM
That barn is absolutely adorable!

I like the idea of stall grids. I have them in one stall- a friend decided he didn't like them and tore them out. I'm not proud, I was happy to take them off his hands! We didn't rent a tamper, just hand packed and watered them in. My mare that pees a lot and also paws a lot occupies that stall- good drainage and she hasn't managed to destroy or pull up any of the grids. I think they'd be great outdoors, too.

Jul. 14, 2012, 06:26 PM
Are you doing it yourself? Check out the Klene Pipe Structures frames. I used one for my run-in and I love it. It's a heavy duty pipe frame onto which you bolt 2x4's, then screw siding over that.

Their website is slightly broken at the moment, but looking at http://www.klenepipe.com/store.asp?pid=17600&catid=19824 you'd probably want one of the 54X styles (542 or 544 -- the last digit is the number of stalls.) If you want to do the L-shaped type from your other photo, I bet they could make that happen by adding tabs and extra pieces.

I wish I'd done something small like that, but I got in a hurry and went with the center aisle idea. Now I have a big unfinished pole barn that might be useful one day...

Jul. 16, 2012, 04:13 AM
As to direction -- it's the winds/weather on your specific property that matter. If you and your family haven't noticed, check with older farmer- or outdoor-types in your area, perhaps gardeners, for an idea. Any hills, fencerows, treelines, etc., can affect wind. Microclimates abound.

Don't forget DRAINAGE. Have a suitable foundation for your building, and make sure water can (and WILL) run away from and AROUND your building and shelter/work/traffic areas.