View Full Version : Best HT's (rec. or schooling) close to Salisbury, MD?

Jul. 8, 2012, 11:59 PM
Hey guys and gals! :)

We are returning to the area II so I am hoping for help finding the best (and closest) recognized and schooling HT's are in relation to Salisbury, MD. I'm also wondering about schooling locations open to the public that offer XC.

What am I looking for exactly? Let me try to answer in whole while being succinct.

I have a 6 yo gelding who I've owned since he was 3. We've successful completed two recognized BN HT's (but not much else). We have schooled a lot of Training out on XC and are easily jumping around 3'3" in the ring. We've been doing clinics w/upper level clinicians and I have been told we should be doing Training with our eyes on a Training 1/2*.

I would like to start by finding a good first Novice course then continue Novice and perhaps, if there is time (and shows left) hit one Training before the season ends. I don't really mind if they are schooling or recognized, what I care about is a quality experience.

My boy is confident (not cocky) and a willing, happy guy who seems to love what we are doing. I want to keep that eagerness to "see what's over the next obstacle" and make sure he is ready for any questions that we may face. His dressage is where it needs to be (although always working, working) so we are ready in that aspect.

I did my "due diligence" and looked up all the fabulous recognized choices available on USEA's website. A former Area II eventer I am ecstatic to be heading back where eventing offers so much. The thing is, when I lived in Area II I did only one MD rec. (annually) and 0 schooling shows in MD. Also I never schooled any MD courses.

Here are the Area II HT's I am familiar with; both recognized and schooling. I'm planning to use these venues in addition to the ones recommended:

Redlands HT
DRHT @ FPP (I am aware of the tremendous changes that have taken place here)
DVPC @ Foxcroft
Elysian Hills (I know they only do schooling now)

All of these are more than 3 hours one way (which is a tiny hop compared to the gyrations and cost of competing in my current area) so I'm reaching out as I know there are many of you with experience closer to my destination.

Thank you guys so much in advance for all the input and time. I hope to see some of you out there "on the field"! :D

elizabeth Callahan
Jul. 9, 2012, 07:42 AM
Plantation is good as is Waredaca.

Jul. 9, 2012, 08:49 AM
I am from Queenstown near the bridge, an hour from you. These Maryland horse trials are all within 2 hours from me if there is no traffic.

Fair Hill
Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy
MCTA - Shawan Downs
Olney Farms HT
Marlborough Horse Trials

Olde Hope for schooling and lower level unrecognized shows
St. Augustine Pony Club starter horse trials
Full Moon Farm pipe-openers for schooling
MCTA starter horse trials at Tranquility Manor

For a very full calendar of what is going on in and around Maryland go to http://www.mdcta.com/index.php/mcta-calendars . MCTA is a good organization to join to keep up with Maryland eventing and to support the sport locally.

I believe Rubicon is sold and no longer having horse trials.
Flora Lea and Horse Park of New Jersey are no further than the Virginia venues.

The Eastern Shore is really starting to grow an eventing community. Check out Mogie Bearden Muller at Fox Hill Eventing in Centreville for a quality trainer. Also join Eastern Shore Horse Network group on facebook if you want a very local flavor of all things horsey on the shore or need advice on local vendors, vets, etc.