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Jul. 7, 2012, 02:45 PM
I have partial self care board at a farm that I ride a couple of horses. My gelding does not get turned out. He doesn't like it. He finds it stressful. In the short term, he will make himself hock sore, kicking, stomping and fretting. In the long term, he burns his weight off. So... I am at the barn once a day, seven days a week to either work him, or hang out with him while he's turned out.

He has a nice big matted stall. But the partitions of the stall are solid wood which doesn't make for the best air circulation. We are on our third day without power at the farm, which means no box fans in 95 to 100 degree temps (highs are normally mid 80's). While cleaning his stall, I noticed it was discernably better if I just had the stall door open (wood and bars up top).

So... am considering buying a stall gate (not a guard... knew a horse who really hurt himself having a dum dum moment with one- put a leg through, hung up his shoe and then panicked. So I really want a sturdy metal one I think) so that he can have his door open. I'm thinking something like this one: http://www.bigdweb.com/STALL-GATE-LARGE-WITH-YOKE-PLUS-FREE-25-GIFT-CARD/productinfo/873/ (concerned with using one that is too short and having him trying to reach under for a nibble and getting himself stuck and knock it off the hinges, etc... But I'm not a fan of that the part that inserts into the brackets seem to be facing the same direction- seems those could be knocked off pretty easily!

He previously was at another facility that just had pipe gates as stall fronts, set up off the ground so that they hit above chest height to discourage horses from trying to graze over the top of them....

Any recommendations or designs to stay away from? I guess if they're all like that, could simply remededy the "easy to take off hinges" thing by nailing a small piece of wood directly above it...

Jul. 7, 2012, 02:54 PM
I have the gate from Big D and love them. After 6 years of use the finish is coming off in places, but they have been very sturdy with no problems with trying to go over or under. The hooks on the side have a nut on the bottom that stop it from being able to come off the hinge. I put them high enough that they can just get their head over but can't reach over to bite someone passing by or on the cross-ties.

Jul. 7, 2012, 03:26 PM
OOOOOH! Good to know! Non issue! Gotta check with the BO about being ok to put one up, but I may have a winner!

Jul. 7, 2012, 03:43 PM
They have very sturdy, long lasting, safe stall gates.

They come in different sizes and shapes. I'm thinking a large "stud" gate for your impatient guy.

Christa P
Jul. 7, 2012, 06:30 PM
These are what I bought:


Very sturdy and reasonably priced - the smallest ones were $85 in December and somebody just ordered 48" gates without the yoke for $120 each IIRC. The shipping can get pricy (it was $50 to ship two small gates to WNY), but that would apply to anything heavy and bulky.

In the last barn I had there were assorted gates, some like the Big D gate and a couple like the ones in the link. The Big D type ones had to repaired a couple of times when the wire parts got kicked and bent or the wires were broken. The 2 like mine were in perfect shape except for the finish, and could have been easily repainted, after 7 years when they were sold with the farm.


Jul. 7, 2012, 06:44 PM
I would not advise a yoke that lets his head stick out. Horse seems to think " If head can go, so CAN the rest of me!" Some will REALLY try to go out over the yoke.

A friend has Lucas stall doors that are full mesh, NOTHING to get a lip or hoof thru, yet lets the air move freely into the stall. If you could afford that style, it is quite tough and sturdy. Her stuff looks very nice after years of hard use with her horses. Lucas will also work with you to customize, hinges if you can't do sliders, etc. Paint or galvanized, sized to fit your door opening. They do use heavy material, which takes a kick and doesn't show damage. I would recommend a slider over a hinged door that sticks out into the aisle. No idea on prices, you will have to call and ask.


These folks will build a full stall door to suit you, and prices shown look reasonable to me. Scroll down to see the stall gates and doors with the prices.


These items are always very resellable, if advertised well. Someone would be glad to find them when you are done using it! Hope your boy appreciates your care of him!