View Full Version : More news from Doug Payne and Running Order!

Jul. 6, 2012, 06:35 PM
After that great video last week of Running Order's journey from completely green to 4* horse, I was looking at Doug's website today and saw that Running Order is going to be available for syndication! http://www.dpequestrian.com/news/

I first met RO a few years ago when riding with Doug and had to laugh when I read what he wrote about RO being an "attention whore"... that horse definitely has a ton of personality. He and Doug are a fantastic team and I'm really happy to see them doing so well, it should be a great time for whichever 10 people become involved in the syndicate.

There's also a video of RO's first race in Ireland from a number of years ago... a bit different from what he's doing now!