View Full Version : Anyone have Greenstone Farm Credit?

Jun. 19, 2012, 07:02 PM
Having trouble finding a house with a good amount of acreage that the appraiser/bank will deem "okay" under the loan we originally wanted to go with.

An appraiser suggested I find out more info. about Greenstone if we wanted the acreage.

DH and I are looking for a house with 5+ acres. I am going to be in touch with them tomorrow, but can anyone give me any information that may have gone through them? Such as qualifications (we have excellent credit), does the land have to be so many acres? What does the downpayment require? Is it more of a case-by-case basis? Does the house have to be in immaculate condition? COTHers had suggested going through them before, and now we are seriously considering it if we can meet their terms.

Any experience or information is greatly appreciated. :D