View Full Version : I can't post a topic/reply in a certain forum... why not?

Oct. 9, 2002, 02:10 PM
There could be several reasons why you can't add a reply when you think you should be able to:

You're trying to post in a "read-only" forum

All of the forums in the "Archives" section (Frequently Asked Questions, Favorites, and Cactuskate, etc.) are read-only, which means new replies cannot be added to the threads in these forums. Only the administrator (me) can post a new topic or reply in these forums. The topics you see in these forums were all originally posted elsewhere, and moved into the Archives in order to save them for posterity. :)

You're trying to reply to a thread in one of the classified forums

Only the originator of a post can add replies in the classified forums. (This is because we had many people replying to ads with their own stuff for sale, which is not allowed.)

Your post must be reviewed before it appears on the forum

If you try to post in one of the Classifieds forums, your message will not show up immediately -- it's sent into a moderation queue for approval first, so there will be a lag time of up to 48 hours before it appears.

You should be able to post a reply in any other forums, as long as you're logged in.

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