View Full Version : New project horse brag/advice

Jun. 12, 2012, 07:27 PM
Friend of mine has a few horses. One just had surgery for a cancerous tumor being removed, one has a sore back, and one is now my new project! :)

She is an 8-9 year old bay qh mare. Has had past training but it has been a good few years since she has been worked or ridden. Shes been a spoiled backyard pet. Since my horse is out of order, I've been riding this new mare! Shes pretty out of shape, but she has been SO good for our first two rides! :)

First ride: Used a bitless bridle as thats what they had ridden her in previously. Got her all tacked up in my friends circle Y barrel saddle (that is just a bit too small for me but i deal!) Did a little bit of lunging. She turned in on me twice (in not a good way!) but I got her out. She was really off balance at the lope but my guess it is lack of work and that big ole belly ;) After we did a few minutes of that to see if she had anything that she wanted to pull, I hopped on her. No problems! Started direct reining and she was doing great. Cautiously added some leg steering and lo and behold, she responded! Whoahing was a tad bit rusty, but been working on it and by the end of the ride, she was a lot better! Did two laps of trotting, some steering around the trees.... all was great :) Loosened up on the reins and went weaving through the trees again all on legs!!! So proud! :) Only had one misbehaving moment where she went up on me a little but I gave her a little kick to letter her know no games and she went on doin her job

Second ride: More trotting, serpentines around the pen. No naughtiness! Not very consistent with her speed but we will get there. Added a snaffle bit today. She accepted it pretty readily. No issues

Now, What should i do Where do I focus her training? Shes pretty open right now. Sure, first we gotta get basics finished out more, but there is so much that can be done! I could take her in the route of playday pony, WP pony, reining, roping...shes got potential all over the board in my opinion but then again, i'm not a super expert on prospect selection haha ;)

Click (https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/197735_10150892616533867_2074542196_n.jpg) for a picture of Sweetie. We got a nice belly to lose haha :winkgrin: