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Jun. 11, 2012, 08:52 AM
I need a recommendation for a good, STURDY, summer boot for farm work.

I don't want steel toes, because I don't want to loose my tootsies if one of our horses or cows step on my foot. I also really want something very breathable as I'd prefer to go barefoot if I had my choice.

I'm also looking for something that comes in ladies sizes!

Any suggestions?

I don't want to keep wearing my paddock boots, I'm worried about the ammonia breaking them down (which will happen).

Jun. 11, 2012, 08:55 AM
Merrell Ventilator

Jun. 11, 2012, 08:58 AM
I should have mentioned I was looking for something with a bit of protection, in case one of the animals does step on me.

How long have you had yours JB?
I've found most running style shoes will also break down very quickly with ammonia from cleaning stalls.

Jun. 11, 2012, 09:12 AM
I've had mine for about a year now, but, I don't have stalled horses, so am not walking around on pee all the time LOL I do everything else though, including weed whacking, mowing and gardening/weeding which often involves sitting right down on my feet in the red clay.

I too thought steel toe would be awful if a horse stepped on it, but apparently that's a myth.

Jun. 11, 2012, 10:56 AM
Apparently it is true, they have to step in the right place on the boot, but my husband (who works in construction) said it could happen to him if a heavy enough piece of metal fell on his foot. And horses happen to have the right shape of foot to hit the worst spot of the boot.

Now, the likelihood of that actually happening combined with the fact that I haven't had a horse step on my foot in years & years... well, maybe I should just get steel toes, especially if the other option is having a smashed foot.

My horses are out too, but it's the chickens and the cows I'm in a lot!

Jun. 11, 2012, 04:18 PM
Pet peeve of mine. No, you are never in more danger from a horse's foot if you're wearing steel toes than if you aren't. If the footwear meets the ANSI standard for safety toes, it's rated to withstand a certain amount of compression and impact. C75-rated safety toes are designed to withstand 2500 pounds of compression. Your foot's not rated to anywhere close to that level. If something lands on your foot with enough force to deform the safety toe, your foot would have been pancaked if you didn't have that protection.

I'll grant you that the safety toe doesn't cover the entire metatarsal area, and the edge of a horse's hoof could certainly land, in part, on the section not covered by the toe cap. And I certainly have known horses that step on one's foot and then, it seems, take delight in bearing down. But that might be an argument for adding metatarsal protection, not for taking away the protection the safety cap provides.

Safety toes most certainly do not provide 100% protection. You can end up with a smashed foot even while wearing them. But if you don't have them on, it takes less force to smash the foot.

For those that like the Mythbusters method of proof, see episode 42, where they graphically compared what happened to toes with and without safety caps.

As far as types, I'm a strong Red Wing shoe booster. But check around for a style comfortable for you. I have no problem finding comfortable steel toes. My business partner, who has lousy feet and uses orthotics, found a pair of Red Wings that she considers among her most comfortable shoes.

Jun. 12, 2012, 09:50 AM
But will you loose the toes? It's not a question of the hoof landing where there isn't protection, but on the edge of the protected areas, causing that to bend down & cut off the toes.

I know someone who lost 3 fingers just standing in front of a horse stall once (I'm not making that up, the horse smashed the window or something); if the chance of loosing the toes is sort of more like that, a freak accident, I'll get steel toes for sure!

You can get the composite (non-steel steel-toes) now but they tend to be a lot more expensive.

I don't think we have red wing here, but I'm looking at their online store now :) thanks! Do you wear them around your barn? How long have you had them? Have you found a pair that are nice & really cool in the summer but can handle some mud too?

Jun. 12, 2012, 10:38 AM
As far as types, I'm a strong Red Wing shoe booster. But check around for a style comfortable for you. I have no problem finding comfortable steel toes. My business partner, who has lousy feet and uses orthotics, found a pair of Red Wings that she considers among her most comfortable shoes.

My husband is a huge Redwing boot fan. He became a fan working on offshore oil rigs, and he's been wearing them now for almost 20 years. Such a fan, in fact, that he bought me a pair of the same boots a couple years ago for my birthday. :D The electrical protection is a little overkill (ya' think? :lol:), but they're conveniently water proof, surprisingly not too hot in the summer, and quite comfy. Steel-toe, of course. I didn't find the exact boot looking at the Redwing website, but it's a pull-on boot.

Jun. 12, 2012, 11:09 AM
The Mythbusters debunked the Steel Toe Myth a few years back. If you get hit on the foot hard enough to cause the deformation of a steel toe you're foot is going to be seriously injured anyway. Their conclusion: don't sweat it. :)

ALL current USN issued work boots have steel toes. Aviators have worn them for at least four decades. It's just not really an issue.

As to brand, I have a pair of issue boots and pair of "no name" boots I bought at Walmart years ago. I don't wear them all that often but they both are holding up nicely.

My riding boots are from Ariat or Dehner. Neither have steel toes.


Jun. 12, 2012, 11:47 AM
I wear my work boots -- lightweight Merrell low top hikers. Uber waterproof, comfy, I can even throw my half chaps over them and ride if I am too lazy to change shoes. They are the Moab, maybe? GoreTex and cushiony and impervious to everything!

Jun. 12, 2012, 05:04 PM
around here we use Ad-tecs for cheap reliable footwear for the kids-they seem to go up a size every few weeks. DH and I have also had Ad-tecs and for the cheap price they're very good boots, held up great and were comfortable right off the bat.

Otherwise we all have Ariats, my husband has a pair of good Whites, and on a good day we use our Tevas... :lol: