View Full Version : For those who drag your arena with an ATV

May. 22, 2012, 02:43 PM
Does it have to be liquid cooled or air cooled works, even though you aren't going as fast?

We have a large tractor to do arena maintenance, but I only have it on the weekend as hubby uses it on job site during the week. I have a small drag, but my golf cart is too little to pull it on hp (needs 17, golf cart is 11). If I am looking at used ATV's, can I get away with a small one that isn't liquid cooled, or not? Typically takes 20 min to drag the arena, a few days a week (when I tried to use the golf cart...I will kill it if I continue).

May. 23, 2012, 09:45 PM
We've used a Kawasaki Prairie 360 to drag rings for several years. Size is a little marginal, but it gets the job done. We've recently bought a Kawasaki mule for a myriad of tasks, and it does the dragging beautifully. Hell, when the Prairie was broken for a while we drug with the 757 zero steer - worked great!