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May. 20, 2012, 02:02 PM
I have a trailer on the market right now. It's appropriately priced for its age , condition and brand. I sell horses routinely, but I don't want to sell a trailer again. Whatever flakiness is with horse buyers seems to be exponentially greater with trailer buyers!

I get people from out of town asking about the trailer. I actually held it for someone out of state, but she couldn't get financing for it. Then I had someone from out of state that she was coming that weekend with cash to buy it and I moved my lesson schedule around to accomodate her. The night before I get a message that she had found another trailer. But this seems like an epidemic. I sold the trailer again and had arranged for the transfer last weekend, only to get a call from the buyer that they had bought another trailer. The next day, I had someone wanting me to bring to trailer to location 50 miles away so he could buy it the following day. Then he changed his mind. The person with the appointment to see the trailer today also bought another trailer in the five days between contacting me and the appointment.

One person who saw the trailer loved it but wanted a feature that this brand of trailers doesn't have, at least none that I have seen. She could have saved herself gas and time if she had just asked about it upfront. It's not like I didn't provide pictures, too but I am happy to reconfirm.

I know I will sell the trailer. But I may have pulled all the hair out of my head by the time it happens. I guess I am a weirdo because if I say I am going to buy a trailer, I buy it. Anyone else want to share trailer sales stories?

May. 20, 2012, 02:15 PM
I'm trailer shopping right now. I'm not too picky, I want a 3 to4 horse slant with a 6 to 8 foot shortwall, decent LQ, AC, and a walk through door. I'd like mangers but they aren't a dealbreaker. Oh, and I'm paying cash so I don't need to worry about financing.

EVERY SINGLE TRAILER I have looked at has sold within 24 hours. I go home to think about it and talk it over with DH and BAM! sold when I go back to buy! :eek:

May. 20, 2012, 04:35 PM
Wow Oreo! I don't have what you want, so I can't help. I just want people to stop telling me they are buying when they are not.

May. 20, 2012, 08:49 PM
Oreo: Where are you located and what is your budget? I am not seeing many LQs sell around here, but they are higher end.

Jun. 9, 2012, 06:27 PM
Trailer sold.

Jun. 10, 2012, 11:32 AM
I have a whole list of complaints as a buyer, so it works both ways I guess! I had cash in hand and was looking for 2H gooseneck, straight load walk-thru style, extra tall, alum with a dressing room. Was hoping to find a nice used one and knew I would have to buy long distance since there are not used trailers like that in my area. Since I was looking at driving 10 or more hours, I wanted to have good information and photos before I would look at one. So either no one could send photos, or no one privately selling trailers ever did maintenance so I was facing a 10 hour drive home with a trailer that never had the bearings greased, etc. no thanks. It is not like I was looking for old, cheap trailers, was looking in the 10K range. Ended up finding the perfect trailer in Florida (1000 mile drive) and dragged it home. It was a dealer so there was a better sense that is had maintenance and was in as described condition, and had a lot of photos.
When I sold my custom stock trailer, I had tons of photos, measurements, and receipts showing the maintenance....so the person who bought it that came 500 miles felt like they had all the info, and they love it.

Jun. 10, 2012, 12:49 PM
Trailer sold.

Jun. 10, 2012, 02:55 PM
When I sold my old trailer 2 years ago, I put it on CL for $400 (1969 2 horse BP with frame rust and no floor) and had several people very rudely demanding I sell it to them. I had told the first caller that I would hold it one day for him and he did come and get. The next person in line kept calling and was furious when I told him it was gone even though I was upfront that it was being held and I would call them it that deal fell through.

Jun. 11, 2012, 09:58 AM
I listed my trailer on Horsetrailerworld.com and sold it in about a week with no hassles at all. I did post a bunch of photos as well as the floor plan of the trailer so potential buyers knew exactly how it was laid out and what all the dimensions were.

I thought the site made it very easy to list all the necessary info and it was inexpensive, too. I highly recommend it.

Heart's Journey
Jun. 11, 2012, 12:34 PM
I sold both of my trailers locally through ads in feed stores, etc though I did get alot of emails thru the internet ads.

The 2nd trailer was a very nice well maintained trailer that I was selling for $8,500 (paid $12,500 new). I got a call from someone that saw the ad in the feed store. She was all excited, said she had to have the trailer, but would I bring it to her 50 miles away? (there's no way I would have done that). I asked didn't she want to see the trailer? She said no, she was familiar with the brand and for $1,500 she would buy it sight unseen. I told her the price was $8,500 and she insisted that the ad said $1,500 and she wouldn't pay a penny more..... yeah right....

Holly Jeanne
Jun. 11, 2012, 01:19 PM
I sold my first trailer a few years ago. This was an older trailer and the frame was starting to rust but it was a taller 2 horse straight load. I was hoping for $800 from it. I sat it out in my front yard along a rural road with a sign on it. It wasn't even up by the road as my pasture is in front of my yard. Within 24 hours, someone stopped by to look at it, asked me how much I really wanted for it and handed me 8 $100 bills. Turns out he was the retired county sheriff. We hand wrote a bill of sale and he came back later and dropped off the paperwork showing he had transfered ownership, just for my piece of mind. :D

Jun. 11, 2012, 03:34 PM

Good to hear from someone on the other side. I'm glad you finally found a great trailer. Since you had a specific set of requirements, I imagine it took quite a bit of research to find the right trailer. Would you mind sharing the way you performed your trailer search?

I've never had to use the internet to market a unique horse trailer, so I need all the help I can get (mine is a custom height/length Turnbow, with additional options that make it expensive for a 2h, which is a limiting factor).

Thanks for any insight you can provide...

Wow, my jumper trainer friend LOVES Turnbows and her student just bought a new one because could not find one used like she wanted. They are impossible to find because people seem to hang on to them. So I would make sure that it is advertised on all the regular sites (most are free), even CL so it will show up in google searches. Equinenow, tack trader, equine.com. My stock trailer was very custom so I had a lot of info and photos on a photobucket link so I could put the link on the free ads to direct people to all the photos, etc. I sold it off the free tacktrader ad but the buyer used the link to view the photos.

I was very active looking for the trailer I bought on all the usual sites, big dealers and CL. There was a post on Ultimate Dressage BB about a Trailers USA trailer someone got new and there was another used trailer site I had never seen..clicked on it and found my eventual trailer. So despite the massive google searches this site had not come up.