View Full Version : AQHA offering *HUGE* discount to register your aged horses!

May. 16, 2012, 11:56 AM
For a limited time register older horses or transfer horses for a fraction of the regular price!

AQHA has always encouraged early foal registration and reporting any transfers. For a limited time, AQHA is excited to offer specials to make registering an aged horse and/or multiple transfers affordable.

Older Horse Registration
If your horse is 36 months or older and unregistered, he can now be registered for only $300. Typically, it costs either $550 or $1000 to register an aged horse. So you’re saving up to $700 with this AQHA member deal!

Get the registration process rolling by downloading the registration application. You will need a few things on hand to complete the paperwork such as a current AQHA membership, your horse’s completed registration application, breeder's certificate, a few name choices, and his color, markings and gender. If anytime during the process you need help finding pertinent information please call AQHA customer service for assistance at (806) 376-4811.

Be sure to take advantage of the lower registration fee during this limited time offer. In order to register your American Quarter Horse, you must be an AQHA member. AQHA membership comes with hundreds of dollars in savings each year, free records, access to AQHA programs and events and much more.

During our transfer special, AQHA is charging only $15 per horse, with an unlimited number of transfers. Normally, AQHA charges a $15 transfer fee for each transfer. The length of time the horse has been in your possession is not a factor when transferring the horse.

The completed and signed transfer report forms, along with the horse’s original certificate, a current AQHA membership and a $15 payment, per horse, are you need to take advantage of this special and get the horse's records updated today.

In order to register or transfer an American Quarter Horse, you must be an AQHA member. An AQHA membership can save you on health insurance, a new truck or tractor. Plus members receive a month copy of America’s Horse magazine, free records, access to AQHA programs and events and much more.

Ready to renew? Contact AQHA Customer Service, or call (806) 376-4811 to renew your AQHA membership and take advantage of these limited time offers.

May. 16, 2012, 02:28 PM
APHA also has an ongoing Registration Incentive: $100 for Regular Registry horses age 3 & older (normally $500 for members) and $50 for Solid Paint-Bred age 3 & older (normally $100). They also have the same transfer promotion as AQHA (actually, APHA has been offering this deal for awhile!).

Questions about registering/transferring APHA horses can be directed to APHA MemberCare at (817) 222-6423.