View Full Version : Horseguard bipolar question

May. 16, 2012, 11:32 AM
This forum is so smart and helpful....I am running about 650 feet of Horseguard bipolar tape as a cross fence between two no-electric fences. At one end, I will have a tape gate and the charger, etc.

At the other end, the tapes (2 strands) will just end at a wood post with Horseguard tensioners. At this location, do the ends of the tape need to connect to make a circuit? Maybe connect with cables? A little confused about this part!

May. 17, 2012, 03:32 PM
Horseguard has a very helpful booklet that you can view on their website. http://www.horseguardfence.com/shop_us2011/HorseGuard_2012_light.pdf

I had the mono-polar tape at our last place. They didn't have the Bi-polar tape back then.

As I understand it with Bi-polar tape the "loop" is within the tape itself and the tape is two toned to indicated so you connect correctly. If you want both strand to have "shock" you will have to connect the green of each tape to each other and the brown of each tape to each other and then connect your charge source to one strand of the tape.

Horseguard tape is great stuff. What i put up over 12 years ago is still working.