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May. 7, 2012, 10:47 AM
The Region 3 USDF Adult Clinic with Lilo Fore was held in Alpharetta GA this past weekend, and it was really great! We had a broad range of horses, from lovely purpose-bred warmbloods, to a Mustang, a Percheron/TB cross, a Saddlebred mare doing FEI work, etc. It was a really cool group of horses! Riders also ran the gamut from determined AA’s to pro’s, and from second level to USDF Gold Medalists. I think the riders came from four different states (with one traveling about 700 miles each way, and another traveling over 500 miles each way), and auditors came from at least six different states (one lady flew in from Pennsylvania!).

Lilo quickly zeroed in on everyone’s basic issues and gave them the tools they needed to improve – whether it was getting the rider to sit better and use the correct aids at the correct time, to getting their horse to stop rushing around with its hindlegs out behind it, getting the horse more on its hindleg, getting the horse more adjustable in its frame and gaits, getting the withers more “up”, getting the horse to stop “hiding” from the contact, getting the horse to bend laterally a bit more through its body without overbending the neck, getting more “oomph” in tempi changes, getting better pirouettes, or even starting piaffe (with the Saddlebred mare!), it was a great education for riders and auditors alike. She can be pretty tough at times when the rider needed a little kick in the a** to make a breakthrough (she doesn’t mince words!), but she was also very complimentary when they got things right. Everything was done with the aim of getting better scores and using the right “building block” to improve the movements.

There has been or will be one of these clinics in each USDF Region during 2011 and 2012 (remaining dates are listed here - http://www.usdf.org/education/clinics/adult/dates-locations.asp ). If you folks get a chance to ride or audit one of these clinics, you really should take advantage of it. Lilo is not only a top judge, but also a super clinician and teacher.

May. 9, 2012, 09:55 AM
I just found this thread, and I have to say I loved her! I rode with her in region 5 and our group was also a mixed bag. We had a mustang, a quarter horse pony, an Adulusian, an Arab,a Paint, my Lusitano X TB, a full TB, and a Hanoverian in our group. She was tough, but helped each and every one of us, and by day two we we transformed! She really zeros in on everyones' weaknesses and helps with the core issues. She is also very open minded to other breeds and knows how to work with each of their conformation limitations to get the best from them. Lilo is not for the rider who wants to hear how great they are, and you better be representing the level you claim you are riding or you will hear about it. I loved the whole experience, and am trying to figure out how to go to Santa Rosa to work with her someday. This is a great auditing experience and everyone should go to watch.

May. 9, 2012, 07:50 PM
I was an auditor at region 5 and it was a great learning experience. She really did make a difference to everyone's riding and shared what she was doing with the audience. I came away with a bunch of new tools to play with which have already been very helpful.

I was on the whole impressed with the quality of what was presented to her.

She was as lavish with praise where appropriate as she was with toughness. (I wrote "criticism" to start with, but she wasn't really critical, per se, unless she was being blatantly ignored, just rather firm!)

4wardNstraight, you seemed to get a lot out of the experience, and if you come down one morning and find your horse has disappeared, you might want to come looking at my farm :)

My leg is still so screwed up the whole experience would have killed me, so I was happy to audit!

A rather disappointing turnout of auditors, though, but it was the first really nice weather weekend of the year.

Sandy M
May. 9, 2012, 07:57 PM
She always seems to find something good in every horse -emphasizing, for instance, that while my old horse could not compete with WBs in quality of movement, he was still competitive in dressage because he was obedient, accurate, and had three pure, if not "fancy" gaits. Always got a lot from riding with her. Did the AA clinics twice - once w. Lilo and once w. Kathleen Raine.

May. 9, 2012, 09:19 PM
Lilo Fore was the judge at a recent show here in California--her comments on my card were the most useful comments Ive gotten from any judge. I really appreciated the insight and felt I really got something valuable for my money/effort.

May. 9, 2012, 11:19 PM
Thanks for the report.

I actually have the application printed out...and I asked about it on here a couple of weeks ago.

I'm thinking about applying to ride at the one in October. I just need to burn a DVD of either a clinic ride or a show ride.

May. 10, 2012, 09:53 AM
ATR-Thanks for the compliment! My guy is a good boy-very generous! I know I am lucky to have him as a partner. Were you there both days? If so, wasn't it amazing the difference between Day 1 and Day 2?

May. 10, 2012, 10:08 AM
Saddlefitter, go for it! You will definitely learn new tools that can lead to improvements in your quality of riding, the quality of your figures and movements, the quality of your horses gaits (by allowing the expressiveness to come out) and your scores!

As mentioned, you have to be prepared to be yelled at a little bit. For instance - "What the HELL was that?" when a rider totally screwed up a circle. Or "Get OFF the inside rein!" for a rider that wanted to ride every step on the inside rein. Or "Are you listening to me? I said get your legs FORWARD!" for a rider that really needed to change her seat - had her legs way behind the girth all the time. But Lilo was also really complimentary when they got it right. "Super nice!" "Good job!" "I REALLY liked that!"

And you better not try to dazzle her with your horse's movement, or your riding ability, etc. We had one rider with a very fancy moving young WB mare. Rider came in the ring, flying around at a big auction trot to try to impress everyone. Lilo IMMEDIATELY made her take the mare way down in tempo and they worked the entire clinic in a MUCH slower tempo because the mare's hindlegs were flailing out behind her and she was not building any sit strength by flying around like that. Another rider tried to impress Lilo by telling her she had trained in Germany with a certain well known rider - whom Lilo has not much respect for. This rider also stated she was an FEI rider, but many of her basics were just not there. She was often sitting on the wrong seatbone, and the timing of her aids was off, so Lilo had to work to get her using her seat and leg aids correctly.

You also better not go in there as a know-it-all because she WILL take you down a peg or two! :lol:

(Saddlefitter, I am using “you” generically here – this isn’t aimed at “you” specifically!)

Lilo was also quite fun at lunchtime, and had a lot of great stories to tell about various horses and riders. Her experience as a rider, trainer, and clinician is really vast. And don’t forget, she is one of our top judges – she judged at Dressage Masters(!) for instance. :cool:

May. 10, 2012, 10:17 AM
Oh, and ATR - agree about the lack of auditors. I think we had less than 20. It was really sad to see how few riders in this area showed up to watch. They missed a really great educational opportunity. The folks that were there kept talking about how super it was and how glad they were that they had come to it.

May. 10, 2012, 12:43 PM
Hopefully they are video taping the sessions and will post them on the USDF site.

No worries, I wasn't taking the generic you personally.

The application is not due for quite some time, I have time to consider what is the best path for me this year.

May. 10, 2012, 12:56 PM
I audited one of her clinics at Lendon Grey's barn years ago.
It truly was one of the more interesting horse centered days I have ever experienced.

First, I am an adult ammy eventer and both Lilo and Lendon could not have been nicer to me.

Second, I watched all different riders/horses - professionals (including Courtney King pre-accident), and amateurs really blossom right before my eyes.

Whole experience was truly incredible and I learned so much.

I highly recommend auditing if you can't ride in the clinics.

May. 10, 2012, 03:17 PM
She is the judge for our upcoming shows in June and I am planning on auditing some of the clinics she will be teaching.
Amazing lady!!

May. 10, 2012, 04:03 PM
ATR-Thanks for the compliment! My guy is a good boy-very generous! I know I am lucky to have him as a partner. Were you there both days? If so, wasn't it amazing the difference between Day 1 and Day 2?

Yes, I was there for both days. There was a big difference!

Now, of course, part of that is because you'd all got over being intimidated by her and were a bit more relaxed... Some people (not you!) seemed ot be a bit "deer in the headlights" the first day, and she had to get a bit Germanic to get them to unfreeze and actually DO what she was asking.

I'm going to be really interested to see whether a couple of the riders stick with her advice or go back to their old ways.

May. 31, 2012, 12:08 AM
I submitted my app for the Region 2 Clinic, and I'm so anxious to know if I was accepted.
Hopefully they'll tell us soon.

Edit: they emailed today, and I got so excited opening the email! Only for it to say they will email later. Haha