View Full Version : How do I edit or delete a post, or change the title of a thread?

Sep. 20, 2002, 01:37 PM
1. Find the post you wish to edit or delete. Make sure you're logged in.

2. Look for the edit button in the bottom right-hand corner of the post. It will only appear on your own posts, and looks like this: http://www.chronicleforums.com/Forum/images/buttons/edit.gif

3. Click the icon. This will take you to an edit-able version of your post. Make your changes, and then click the "save" button to resubmit the post.

4. To delete the post, click on the "delete" button when you are in the edit window. (If your post is the first one in a thread, you won't be able to delete it, but you can still edit it.)

Users are not able to delete entire threads -- just individual posts. (And no, the moderators will not delete entire threads for you either -- please don't ask us to.)

If you're trying to change the title of a thread you started, you can do so by editing the first post in that thread. Once you're in the edit window, click the "go advanced" button, and that will allow you to change the title.