View Full Version : In which forum should I post my topic?

Oct. 9, 2002, 02:21 PM
If your topic/question pertains to a specific discipline (dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing, etc.), post it in the forum for that discipline.

If your topic is not related to a specific discipline, but just to horses in general, post it in the Off Course forum.

If your question is about a non-riding topic, it's probably best suited to Horse Care -- this is where topics about stable management, illnesses, unsoundnesses, grooming, shoeing, tack care, etc., belong.

Please use ALL of the forums. Don't confine yourself to just one! :)

And yes, the moderators will move your topic if it is not posted in the forum where it's most appropriate. Please don't post something where it doesn't belong just so it will be seen by more people.

If you're worried about getting enough responses, feel free to post a message in other forums directing people to your message. (For example, you could post on Off Course directing people to your question on Horse Care.)

Please don't post the same topic in more than one forum unless, it's really, really necessary. (And even if you think it's necessary, the moderators might disagree and lock/delete duplicate topics.)

And remember, advertising is not allowed in any of the forums.

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