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Dutch Lovin' Dressage Rider
Apr. 8, 2012, 12:51 PM
Any people who eat with a purpose - maximum body fat reduction and muscle building - on here?

While at the gym yesterday I ran into a really fit, cute, guy friend of mine, who introduced me to his girlfriend. She is a competetive body sculptor (she called it something different I had never heard of before, forgot what it was). She is not huge, she is just refined and defined. She looks AWESOME!

Anyway, we started talking about nutrition and diet. She said the key is in the eating. It was an intriguing conversation. She eats 6 meals a day, close to 200 grams protein, complex carbs (oatmeal), asparagus, a bit of cheese. Oh and sweet potatoes!

I eat very close to this, but I can see I need to dump the peanut butter!!! :winkgrin: That is definitely my biggest problem. I am on a restrictive diet because I cannot eat anything acidic because of my ulcerated bladder condidition. I already eat oatmeal with protein powder and water, fish, chicken, pork, beef, a few veggies, a few fruits. I do not eat bread, rice, candy, chocolate,etc. No garbage for me, as it will cause me too much pain to be worth it.

I only recently starte working out again because I had a few opperations. Still need to have 1-2 more, just not looking for more down time! I would like to cut some body fat and become even more defined.

Any fit people care to share what a typical day of eating looks like for them?

Apr. 8, 2012, 01:16 PM
You can be as nutty with restriction as you want. The easiest is to eat 3 meals with 4 oz of protein, 2 veg, and a bread (starch carb) then eat 3 meals of fruit or veg or fatty protein like nuts.
I've found calorie counting and obsessing just raised my cortisol and made me fat. I eat a deck of cards size of meat 4oz, and most veggie servings are a handful with the exception of the leafies, most fruits a serving is one item or a handful whichever is bigger. The magic number for a fatty protein like nuts is 12. So 12 almonds, 12 walnuts etc.

And for workouts, I just ride 2-3 horses a day (sitting trot, hello core land!! Or canter sets) and then alternate my other exercise between cardio (biking, running, karate, mowing with the push mower) and weights (I prefer free weights, or throwing feed bags and hay) And yoga before EVERY ride!
It works. There's also a link on the bottom of the home page of my website to a Chronicle article I was featured in about fitness in riders. All the contributors have great tips.

Apr. 8, 2012, 01:27 PM
In general people who are seriously muscle building will do it in phases: a gaining phase where they eat above maintenance (since building muscles of any significant size is a "luxury" for the body, and not something it's going to do in a deficit) while concentrating on exercises that promote muscle development, and a cutting phase where the focus is on shedding excess body fat (which is also put on in the gaining phase - you don't just put on muscle) to make all those nice muscles actually visible. The diet during the cutting phase will be calculated to maintain muscle mass, but not increase it because...hey, at that point the body builder is in a deficit and knows they're not going to increase muscles. Cardio is generally used during cutting, and minimally to not at all during gaining.

Now, this is for serious bodybuilding/sculpting, and going on forums dedicated to that will get you more information that here, if that's what you're interested in. Its really interesting to look around on those forums, those competitors are super careful of their diets and the various cycles. It's a pretty specialized world.

Apr. 8, 2012, 01:49 PM
I have lost nearly 50 lbs in the last year, gone from a body fat percent of 35 to 21%,and a BMI of 32 to 22. I have dropped from a dress size of 16 to a 6 and a breeches size of 36 to 26. I exercise, on average, 2-3 hours every day and this includes any combination of cleaning stalls,pilates, resistance training, walking, riding and swimming. The exercise is absolutely key in building muscle and keeping your metabolism revving.

In this past year I have gone from being overweight and bedridden or on crutches with a spinal injury to being fit,athletic and ableto do a 10 km hike up a mountain, swim 1 1/2 hours or do 35 pushups in a set.

But you can't lose weight without losing calories, so I am on about 1000-1200 cals per day, which is considered low calorie. Because of kidney considerations, I do not eat a lot of protein, keeping it at 50-60 grams per day.

Here's what you asked: to share a days eating.

Breakfast: 1 poached egg, 1 sprouted grain toast.
2 caps conjugated linoleic acid, a multivite, and vit B12 1000 mcg
unsweetened tea
Morning snack: apple or yoghurt
Lunch: 1-2 cups of leafy greens and grated veggies, with 2 tblsp olive oil and vinaigrette dressing, a few cranbberries and 2-3 oz lean protein, usually tuna or chicken breast,sometimes taco flavoured ground meat.
1200 mg calcium/magnesium combo and 2000 iu vit D
Afternoon snack: orange or banana or veggies juice like V8
Supper: broth based soup with cooked veggies or veggie stirfry
1 cap conjugated linoleic acid and 500 mg vit C
Pm snack:1% milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter or cheese with celery sticks, or a couple of squares of dark chocolate.

I enjoy treats on occassion now that I am on a maintenance weight- a couple of shots of hard liquor, or a scoop of ice cream, a sliver of cheese cake, a handful of chips. I do not get hungry, I do not crave these treats, butI do not deprive myself either.

YOU HAVE TO EAT FAT TO LOSE FAT.That is the purpose behind the conjugated linileic acid and the olive oil and peanut butter.

My diet and exercise are doctor supervised and I have a personal trainer.


This is a permanent lifestyle change for me- I will never go back to eating a high carb, processed food diet again as it promotes weight gain, diabetes and heart disease among other problems.

Apr. 8, 2012, 02:08 PM
after having SO many complications and doctors thinking I had IBS, I finally got a diagnostic laparoscopy done by my gynecologist... to find out I have endometriosis! I still didn't feel better after my lap even though he "removed" everything.

I went on this "endometriosis diet" which I think is a really healthy lifestyle not only for endo women but in general it is a great lifestyle.


I lost 40 pounds, and I am now down to my desired weight of 110. Now I am going to the gym regularly, trying to get in shape to join a crossfit gym for the summer, I am gonna be so buff :P

Either way, I feel SOOOOO much healthier after going on this diet! It sounds pretty impossible, but I have learnt how to cook new stuff, etc.

Just an idea is all :)

Dutch Lovin' Dressage Rider
Apr. 8, 2012, 02:18 PM
Hey S.T.!!

We need to talk! I also have endo, plus interstitial cystitic (ulcerated bladder lining). Had surgery for IC a few months ago. Also need polyp surgery, and they are wanting to do laparo for endo - again - as they are wondering why I am still having so much pain. Is it the IC, or something else? I am just not excited about having another month off, after I had too much time off already.

I will look at the diet - thanks!

And to answer your PM question - YES! I have horse boots! What size and color? Think I mainly have white, some new some used. I also have one new pair of black SMB boots that are really tall. Might be for hind legs or giraffes?

Back to the topic at hand - my body fat is 15-20%. Need to get it tested again. Was under 15%. I just want more definition. (MUST cut out that peanut butter!!!!). I gained about 5 lbs after my last surgery. I am still a size 4, but still!

I want to look more like Jeff's girlfriend! Damn, her arms were to DIE for! :)

Dutch Lovin' Dressage Rider
Apr. 8, 2012, 02:28 PM
The key is to fuel your engine, keep the fire burning, and eat 6 times a day.
7 am
9 am
12 pm
3 pm
6 pm
8 pm (yes right before bed, as these fit people are such highly tuned engines. Jeff's girlfriend wakes up starving!)

Eating for maximum fat loss and muscle gain is not restrictive at all in terms of calories, protein, carbs, fat. For women its 1,500-2,500 calories a day on this plan. Different schools of thought - some 40% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat, - others 40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fat.

Curb Appeal
Apr. 8, 2012, 02:33 PM
There is nothing wrong with peanut butter! Natural PB is one of my favorite quick sources of calories, protein, and healthy fats :)

I recently started to refocus my goal on muscle retention after losing 31 pounds. I eat 2000-2250 calorie per day and aim for 135 grams of protein.

The book, "New Rules of Lifting For Women" is a great source of information.

Apr. 8, 2012, 02:44 PM
And here I was thinking this person is gonna think I am an idiot for posting stuff about endo diet but for some reason I felt compelled to.... Must be Easter or something hahaha.

Do you know if your gyno performs excision of endo or ablation/fulguration? Apparently ablation and fulguration has a really high recurrence rate according to ERC: http://www.endocenter.org/

Consider joining CrossFit! Lately I have bad 4 or 5 people talk to me about joining a CrossFit gym! 3 of them are in the military and claim that they've never been in such good shape as they were when they were into CrossFit! Must be a sign! So I am also spreading the word. I have yet to try it myself -- but I will get back to you in May after I get into it and let you know how it is :D But apparently it's extremely intense. I used to do military fitness a long time ago, I was in good shape then but this is apparently supposed to be 100x better.

RE: Peanut butter: I couldn't live without it!!! But then again, I do not eat any meat (never have) and the majority of my protein comes from nuts! Does your peanut butter have all sorts of added sugar and stuff? I get the all natural stuff now that doesn't have all these additives.

I will be PM'ing you sometime within 24 hours :P

Apr. 8, 2012, 02:49 PM
depending on your age, 15% body fat may be too low for a woman. Most women will need more than that tosupport bone health, prevent osteoporosis and to support reporductive function. If your menses start to get irregular or lighter, you could be at risk. Consult your doctor. This is how most eating disorders start.

Your body will work harder to hang onto any fat you have if you cut it out of your diet. While PB doesn't agree with everyone,it is a good source of anti inflammatory oil based vitamins like vit. Eand also a good sourceof protein. Plus its yummy.

The endometriosis diet linked is a basic anti inflammatory diet and a good one.

Apr. 8, 2012, 03:09 PM
Yup. I compete in figure, and I'm just coming off of a 5 month-long offseason of muscle building and started my cut this week for a show I'm eyeing in August.

I eat 6-7 times a day with protein at 6 of those meals (the 7th meal is an optional grapefruit to have before the gym or barn.) Each meal is between 180-300 calories. I guess I eat about 45% protein, 35% carbs, and 20% fat.

Protein sources - eggs, egg whites, lean beef, turkey, chicken, pork, shrimp, whitefish, salmon, protein powder, greek yogurt, and cottage cheese.

Carb sources - white potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, ezekiel bread, oatmeal, grits, berries, grapefruit, bananas.

Fat sources - almonds, olive oil, and fats from my meat (eggs and beef, mostly.)