View Full Version : Fieldwork ALREADY!

Mar. 30, 2012, 02:46 PM
With the amazing weather so far, I have spent most of the week working outside in the fields. Discing, fertilizing and dragging, so the pastures are improved this year.

Spent a couple hours at the fertilizer plant yesterday, getting my order, waiting IN LINE as EVERYONE was there for fertlizer!! Mostly we stood around in our faded Carharts, kicked dirt and said we were all way ahead of schedule for spring.

I substituted ammonium sulphate for urea in my mix, so there would be no urea problems. Husband knows several folks with horses that foundered after getting the fields fertilized. This was even after waiting a period of time and getting rain, before letting them back on the ground. So he wanted no urea in our mix. They had to do some figuring of things, so our mix ended up 13-13-13, instead of soil test recommended 18-18-18 using urea. Came out a bit cheaper in price too, always nice!

I still have some dragging to do, breaking up the clumps from discing, but fields should be pretty good this year. Discing gets packed dirt open, air to the roots, absorbs rainfall much better, and is open for fertilizer to fall into cuts, so it stays in place. Dragging after fertiizing covers the holes, levels up the surfaces lightly, to get the grass going again. Too cold to seed anything though.

Horses are giving me the nasty looks, since they are all on dry lot now for a while. Only one small paddock that didn't get fertiized because it was too soft.

I got stuck once, really good, had to get out Katy Kabota with 4-WD to pull the spreader wagon out. The other tractor tried, but wheels just FILLED with muck so no grip at all to pull. Have to say I was VERY CAREFUL after that, but didn't get stuck again. Mostly the time-eaters were trying to get the spreader wagon hitched and unhitched several times. What a PAIN!! I looked like I was doing oil changes at the local shop, grease EVERYPLACE on my front. Getting the newly greased PTO from the wagon onto the tractor was the very worst. Would not extend or shorten as needed, so I had to get TOOLS for that.

Spreading should have been an hour and a half at the most, but with everything else, it was about 5 hours. Had to quit dragging at dark, couldn't tell where I had been or not.

Have a bit of a day off today, raining. THANK GOODNESS, I am whipped from riding tractors the last few days.

I think even being able to work in the fields here this early in the year has to be a record. I will probably have to drag them again a little later, when the wet spots are less wet. Have 3 large paddocks and half a one to still be dragged and smoothed over. But if the rains keep up, things will be VERY NICE in short order, green and smooth again.

Then I can start horses getting used to grass again, one day at a time.