View Full Version : Best Practice for Clipper Maintenance

Mar. 30, 2012, 01:26 PM
I have two Oster Clipmasters, one Andis ACG and one Oster A-5. What is the best way to care for these brands of clippers?
What are the best products to use to get the best cuts? My horses are mostly Arab x endurance horses and I mostly trace clip for the early season rides. My clippers are looking and sounding a bit beat. Is there a company that is recommended to send them for overhauling? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Mar. 30, 2012, 04:52 PM
I have the Andis AGC clippers and a cushing's horse with the thick undercoat. I use the T84 blades and I do at least one full clip a year starting right about now.

I run my clippers and dunk them in oil as I go, and when I finish for the day ( I usually get half way done, it's hard work for the clippers and for me), I take the clipper head and blades off and apart and swab out as much of the clipped hair that is stuck in there out as I can. I also have a back up set of sharpened blades. I put them back in that plastic box for storage. They haven't seen that much use really but what use they get is tough duty, that undercoat is terrifically dense and hard to get clean down to the skin and both those really stress the clippers.

I'm sorry I don't know where to send them for an overhaul unless it's to contact the maker.