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Mar. 29, 2012, 03:41 PM
Your answers to these might be...totally depends, but thought I would throw them out! I am planning to show in a couple of A rated shows this summer and want to get an idea of what I am in for! I haven't showed in 15 yrs and forget a lot!

1. What are my options for classes/division? I am an adult riding a horse that has minimal or no known show experience and will be riding in hunter classes. Long stirrup? What does that mean exactly?

2. Shows look to be 4 days. Do I ride each day? How many classes typically? I am a mom and looking to get a better idea of downtime to help my hubby with kiddos.

3. Cost...I know trailering and trainer fees (don't need those included), but how much does a typical 4 day A show cost for actual showing and boarding?

I apologize if I am using the wrong terms for things...I am rusty! Thanks so much!

Hunter Mom
Mar. 29, 2012, 04:38 PM
Unfortunately, the answers to each of your questions will vary a lot on where you're at.

1. Go with a height you'll be comfortable at, and against similar competition. The heights below 3' are unrated, so have a variety of descriptions and names. Long stirrup may be only for kids, maybe not. There should be divisions for kids/amateurs at 2' and 2'6" and 2'9" - you'll have to read the showbill when it is out to figure out which is which. 3' you will find the Amateur Adults and above, which may vary some depending on your zone.

2. Again - you'll have to get the info when it comes out. Usually, the "ammy" classes will be held Friday/Saturday/Sunday to help accommodate work, with the more pro classes on Wednesday/Thursday. You'll get a lot of feedback from people on jumping too much - any one division (and it's corresponding equitation) is usually divided between days so you're not going too much.

3. You will have certain fees (member fees, drug fees, etc.) which are set by USEF. In the midwest, stalls usually run $150-200, divisions anywhere from $75-$150, with special classes (derbies, etc.) costing $250+.

Hopefully your trainer has been to the shows before, or you can find last year's showbill to find out more. They don't normally change a lot from year to year.

Mar. 29, 2012, 05:57 PM
Long stirrup can be above 12 years older or older than 17. Depends on show management. Rusty Stirrup is always older than 17. Height can be 18"
to 2'6". Again, course designer privilage.

Crown Royal
Mar. 29, 2012, 06:17 PM
It would help to know you're general location or the venue you're going to so we can look at the prizelist for classes offered and costs. We would also need to know what you and your horse are currently schooling over fences...2', 2'6", 3'?

Here, I'll pull information Swan Lake's prize list for their A shows over the winter. I'm going to assume that you are a current member of USEF (otherwise you will have to pay nonmember fees), that you will send in your entries by the deadline (otherwise pay a post-entry fee), and that you are not going to be scratching any classes (which may happen if you have a horse new to showing).

Here are some divisions offered that are smaller heights, unrated, and the whole division is done on the same day, all three classes in a row. It is $80 for a division of three classes, or $40 each if you only do one or two of the classes.

-Pre-Adult Hunter: Amateurs only, cannot cross into a "rated" class at that show. Fence height is 2'6".
-Low Hunter: Open class, fence height is 2'9" or 3' (you choose).
-Schooling Hunter: Open class, fence height is 2'6" or 3' (you choose).
-Hopeful Hunter: Open class, fence height is 2'6".

Honestly if you are only doing these heights and have a horse new to showing, I wouldn't put out the money to attend a rated show and do unrated classes. The actual class prices aren't bad compared to their schooling show, but the office/drug/etc. fees are. But I understand some people don't have quality schooling shows in their area and you have to attend a rated show to get good footing, courses, and jumps, even for unrated classes.

And these are some of the Adult Amateur divisions offered, I believe these divisions run over all four days, a class a day:

-$1000 Amateur Owner Working Hunter: Must own horse you're riding (or family owned), fence height is 3'6" I believe, and is is $120 for the division (5 classes). Money division.
-$500 Amateur Owner Working Hunter: Must own horse you're riding (or family ownerd), fence height is 3'3", and is $120 for the division (5 classes). Money division.
-Adult Amateur Hunter: Fence height is 3'3", $100 for a division of 4 classes, or $50 a class.

So here's a price breakdown:

-Ticketed open warm-up over fences (in the show ring): $20
-Office fee: $30
-Grounds fee: $10 (if you haul in each day instead of using one of their stalls, the grounds fee is changed to $25)
-USEF drug fee: $16
-One stall for the duration of the show: $175-$200 (depends on if you want a real stall or portable stall)
-Mandatory night watch: $10
-Shavings: $8 a bag
-USHJA Zone Fee: $2
-If you're doing one unrated division: $80
-If you're doing one A/O division (rated): $120
-If you're doing one A/A division (rated): $100

So at the very lowest (you haul in for one day and don't use any stall but pay the higher grounds fee, you do an unrated division that goes on one day) it's going to be $173.

At the highest (if you use the real stall and use a bag of shavings each night and you come a day early to school [so x4] and do a A/O division) it's going to be $430.

So I'd say bet on $500 or lower for one division. Not including trainer/groom/whatever fees. And of course this is just a generalization because I'm basing it off of one specific venue/show and specific divisions and not including variable factors.

Mar. 29, 2012, 08:43 PM
If you pick a show you can usually find an online prize list and schedule for it. That will allow you to find the cost of the division(s) you want to do, when they run, and the specs for the divisions. Besides Long Stirrup, and Pre-Adult, there may be a Limit Horse and/or Limit Rider division for horses and/or riders who have not won x blue ribbons over fences at x height. Most of the show production companies and larger venues have websites.

For example www.brownlandfarm.com should have all of their show info, and for RMI shows, Google "Rush Managment". You should be able to find everything you need on line. Then you can do the math and figure out if you want to do an A show, or an unrated show. I love the A shows and try to do several each year if I can afford to. If you're not a USEF member, you need to pay a non-menber fee, and each year it seems that some new fee is added. If you're doing a rated division you should braid. Some people even braid for unrated divisions, but not everyone does, especially during the week.

Good luck, and have fun!

Mar. 30, 2012, 01:43 AM
Thanks, everyone. I live in WA, so I think things are a little bit cheaper (or maybe not!). I am just trying to hook in to local shows that my barn is going to. Will be fun regardless, so I will do what I can afford :) I will be doing low stuff this year to get new horse (yeah!) some showing experience.

Mar. 30, 2012, 03:51 AM
Where in WA??

Mar. 30, 2012, 04:13 PM
Jenners, that was going to be my question too! What barn are you with? It will be great to see you around. FYI, LWSC has some great schooling shows that you can get in and out of (minus trainer fees) for $150 for the day.

Mar. 30, 2012, 06:16 PM
I'm not currently with a barn, going to start lessons with an Eventing trainer on the island soon so I can be ready for Mr Baby WB this summer. I'm always down for a COTH FE though, there are a couple of us on the island, I know one is pretty cool ;).

Mar. 31, 2012, 01:38 PM

I will be taking all my kiddos to the schooling shows on the south end of the island. They are mostly in 4H, so we end up at the fairgrounds. Are you part of the Whidbey Island Equine Network on FB? If so, you will hear about our open jumping shows that are 4H hosted.

There is one at the fairgrounds in May and July, and then I think we are going to Harmony Hill's summer show as well.

We are working hard to get jumping resurrected on the south end -- and make 4H kiddos not quite so frightening over fences!

Mar. 31, 2012, 01:53 PM
I just sent a request to join! I'd love to come down and see the shows, maybe haul the baby down for some exposure. Well, after reading the EHV1 update in the "So it begins..." thread, maybe exposure isn't the right word. Experience. That's a better one.

I lessoned with Sarah once at Harmony Hills, back when I had a little hunter pony. Not sure how she can fit a show there? Her ring is nice though, and she was very nice!