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Mar. 25, 2012, 02:18 PM
I need saddle brand suggestions. I posted a thread about a week ago looking for information on Devoucoux and Antares saddles (http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/showthread.php?t=346354) but I think I need to widen my search.

I took an "off the rack" used Antares saddle on trial and while I found it comfortable, I am super sore after my lesson in my upper-inner thigh area. Prevouisly I rode in a Toulouse Annice saddle with a wide tree. It was the only saddle that fit my gelding. I really dislike the Toulouse saddle and found it to be a piece of junk, however, it was comfortable. So I need suggestions on other brands to try.

I am not looking for a new saddle because I only ride once or twice a week and currently do not have my own horse. I need something that has a nice general fit for the horse and a budget fit of around 2k. Any suggestions on brands I should try?

Mar. 28, 2012, 10:36 AM
You can do a search on saddle and be inundated with other threads related to "what saddle should I buy" or "is brand X a good saddle."

there are lots of good saddles out there: county, black country, antares, albion, prestige, Frank Baines, bates, etc. etc. within each of these makes are individual saddles that will also all be different. What you need is a saddle that fits you and the horse. so you have to ride in a bunch and figure out what style, twist, seat size, etc., works for you, and then have an independent saddle fitter advise you on what works for you horse (is he high withererd? long, flat back, etc.)

that should narrow your search and then start riding in trial saddles until you find the perfect one. You're on the right track when you realize Antares doesn't work (probably not right twist) and that Toulouse does, but you'd like higher quality.

I've had very good luck working long-distance with Trumbull Mountain and Black Country, which has very customizable saddles at a decent price.

Florida Gator
Mar. 28, 2012, 11:33 AM
If you are only riding 1-2x a week, maybe you are sore because of that and not the saddle. Just a thought because I know I am sore after not riding frequently :)

Mar. 28, 2012, 01:12 PM
:DLuc Childeric!!

I've been on the saddle search as well, like you I tried the Antares and it also made me sore! Weird!

I took a Devoucoux Birattz over a weekend and I loved it!

Then I bought a Luc Childeric Model M and I fell in love! Unfortuantely the flap isn't far enough forward for me, I need a 17 3A which is next to impossible to find used so I'm buying one new!

Seriously though I thought I liked the Devoucoux, but I fell in love with the Childric!

Mar. 28, 2012, 03:09 PM
Thank you for the suggestions!

Hollyhorse - I will take some different saddles on trial to find what works best for me. Thank you for the brand suggestions as well.

Florida Gator~ At first I was thinking the same thing, however, I was bruised on the inside of my thighs the next day. Big difference from sore muscles. I'd rather have that any day!

kgro632- thank you for your suggestion. I'll try those brands too!

Mar. 29, 2012, 07:20 PM
People, people, people -- try not to get caught up in one particular brand when you are searching for a saddle if you don't have much experience with saddle fittings. Many people have been riding for 20, 30 years and still judge saddles by the name. Within each brand, especially within the high-end brands and there are many these days, there are a number twists, panel types, tree types, pomel types; not to mention extra or less padded knee rolls, thigh blocks, degrees of forwardness to the flap, etc. that can affect the comfort of the saddle for you and your horse. If you try one particular saddle brand and you don't like it, it is naive to dismiss that brand. First find out what customizations have been made to that particular saddle. I happen to like Antares because I like the craftsmanship. Before I bought my own I borrowed 3 different Antares within my barn and they all had 3 different configurations. I loved 2 of them, didn't care for the third. The third one had the most drastic customizations so it clearly wasn't the right fit for someone like me who has a very average build, leg length, seat size (17) and a horse with an average build who can wear almost any saddle. Other than a thick knee roll, I prefer my saddles to be as close to "standard" specs as possible. My point is it is wise to educate yourself from the experts at each manufacturer or Sales Rep what the different specs mean. The french brands stamp the inside flap on the left side. If you don't know what the numbers mean, call the manufacturer. Obviously an educated and experienced saddle fitter can make all the difference and get you on the right track. A motto I like to use concerning saddles is to keep it as simple as possible. I have been testing saddles for 40 years. By the way I also like many of the other brands of saddles on the market today. It irks me to hear people dissing certain brands after one test ride without necessarily knowing the details about that particular saddle's specs and therefore, why that saddle felt the way it did.... let's get educated, people!

Mar. 29, 2012, 07:29 PM
Try a CWD or Butet at a local tack shop.