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Mar. 20, 2012, 02:46 PM
Ok I'm looking for a used saddle med to med wide tree size 17" and I have a long thigh. I think I like a narrower twist judging by the ones I've tried, and a med to deep seat. would like to keep it around $1000 as I'm not showing in it.

I have no idea what brands would be good, not good etc. I have a Beval now and love it but it's so narrow it hardly fits anything:( I'm also 40 and would like one with as much support over fences as possible, too much to ask?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know they have test ride programs but dont even know where to start. Help!:confused:

Mar. 20, 2012, 03:38 PM
I also prefer a narrow twist, and love my Prestige Eventing. You may be able to find an older one on Ebay closer to your budget.

More in your budget, I would suggest a used Ainsley for your long thighs, or a Berney Brothers. I think in the end the saddle that fits you best will give you the most security!

Good luck!

Melissa.Van Doren
Mar. 20, 2012, 04:19 PM
www.farmhousetack.com (http://www.farmhousetack.com)

Great selection and good prices in your range. A quick look turns up a 17" Medium Collegiate Finalist for $600 and a 17" Wide (really fits like a MW) M. Toulouse Padgette for $850. I'm sure there are probably others when you take the time to go through the whole list. :yes:

Mar. 20, 2012, 05:09 PM
I have heard mixed reviews about the toulouse saddles even though they look nice. The collegiates used to be decent but then heard a new company bought them and again mixed reviews, hence all the confusion. I think I need a personal saddle shopper...:)

Mar. 20, 2012, 05:28 PM
You might like this saddle Collegiate Nobility (http://www.mmtackshop.com/conojusa.html). I just bought one (waiting for it to arrive in two days!!) after a fair bit of research.

Like you, I have a long thigh and wanted a forward flap. My horse goes in a "medium wide" and this is a very generous medium with a wide gullet channel and wool flocking.

I also like a narrow twist, and wanted something with "blocks". AND I didn't want to spend over $800!

While the one on the link is listed at $1,109, I purchased mine for $778, taxes and shipping included.

This saddle is made by Meyerstone in Argentina for Collegiate (not the usual maker of collegiate saddles). The leather is vegetable tanned, and it has wool flocking. They no longer make this model, but you can find them on closeouts.

Mar. 20, 2012, 08:01 PM
Appsolute please let me know how you like it. Just ordered a Pessoa legacy for a test ride. One of many I'm sure.

Mar. 20, 2012, 09:33 PM
Call Rick's Heritage Saddlery as they still have a good selection of the "like new" Pessoas (http://search.store.yahoo.net/yhst-130090801024353/cgi-bin/nsearch?query=pessoa&first=30&only=0&categ=all&catalog=yhst-130090801024353).
I feel the Pessoa Legacy is generous in fit, so do try a 16.5 as well as the 17.

Mar. 21, 2012, 04:48 PM
I am the happy owner of a Crosby Centennial Internationale (unfortunately discontinued) but if you are able to find one their medium tree really fits as more of a medium/wide. They came in extra long and extra forward flaps, really a nice saddle.

Mar. 21, 2012, 07:31 PM
I have a 17" Hadfield's saddle that might work for you and in your price range, send a PM.

Mar. 22, 2012, 07:42 PM
Well my new saddle just arrived! Can’t wait to try it on my horse tonight.

Flocking is nice and soft, gullet is wide, and the panels nice and wide (large bearing surface). The leather on the seat and knee rolls is soft, and somewhat thin. I do not think I will be riding in jeans in this saddle! Definitely not as thick (and therefore hard and slippery) as my old Millar’s Collegiate saddle, but it seems most saddles are thinner and softer on the seat these days.

Seat is well padded. The flaps are made of a thicker, much stiffer leather which will be getting a good oiling as soon as I confirm I am keeping it.

Overall seems well made. Not a $3,000 saddle, but seems like it will serve me well for the price point.

I will update with pictures if it turns out to be a "go"!

Mar. 26, 2012, 08:27 PM
Tried to pm for pics did it not go thru to STA? App solute what's the saddle verdict? So far the ones I try have comfortable searts but not the thigh support my beval does for jumping.

Mar. 28, 2012, 09:01 PM
Looking at a county stabilizer. Do they offer a lot of knee/thigh support? Can anyone tell me anything else about them?

Mar. 29, 2012, 03:13 PM
I have a Toulouse Annice and LOVE LOVE it