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teal tea
Mar. 19, 2012, 01:17 AM
It's been a warm winter in tx and we've had springlike temperatures for the past month. Now we're in Spring, and I shudder to think what summer temps will be.

I mentioned to my trainer that I'd love an a/c arena or I'd like to live in Alaska. Neither will probably happen any time soon. But now I am wondering if there is any h/j riding in Alaska and if so what's it like? Do you ride only in an indoors or attend any shows? Thanks for any responses. :)

Mar. 19, 2012, 02:00 AM
It depends on where you are in Alaska. The Anchorage area has a very active hunter/jumper circuit during the summer months, May-September. I believe many of their shows are USEF recognized and there are several horses from the Anchorage area that have gone on to compete in the Lower 48 in both hunters and jumpers. Several years back there were Alaska horses and riders competing at Indio.

Fairbanks has just local level shows, usually only 1-3 "open" shows with a full classlist of hunter/jumper classes. Then there are two AQHA shows that offer a few all breed hunter classes.

The AQHA circuit is a big deal both in Fairbanks and Anchorage, with two shows each year in both cities. There is enough competiton that many of the AQHA competitors can earn AQHA titles without leaving the state.

Some websites with horse show information, some are not updated for this coming summer yet but you can view past results etc. to get an idea of what goes on.


As to riding during the winter, many people will keep riding if they have access to an indoor arena (there are at least 4 in Fairbanks and probably way more than that in Anchorage). If you don't have access to an indoor, usually the horse doesn't get ridden much from October-April, other than the occasional session when it is warm enough.
My personal horse usually gets ridden around 10-15 times over the winter, all on the trail. In April I start riding much more regularly and then will start arena work in May. Most horses here are not stalled (except at some of the larger stables) but are kept in paddocks or on pasture.

Summers are usually very nice here, both in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Mostly between 65-75 degrees, with occasional 80 or 90 degree days. Almost 24-hour daylight for most of the summer, too. :-)

Hope that helps!