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Mar. 17, 2012, 11:43 PM
My friend has the worst horse show dog in the world. She would disagree, she thinks her pooch is perfect. My other friend (who reads and posts here) would agree that the dog has atrocious manners.

This dog--

takes off and steals small childrens cookies out of tack rooms at shows.

ate all the "good" candy off a home made and very time/labor intensive gingerbread house.

managed to wolf down a 10 pound bag of cat food and about 40 some ounces of hairspray mix for braiding in my truck on a one hour drive. The she continuously farted low tide and death butt the hour drive back.

she steals carrots from ponies and children.

My friend gets really, really offended and mad if you tell her that her dog is anything less than perfect. :lol:

Anyone else care to share??

Mar. 17, 2012, 11:52 PM
I hate wearing white breeches for a show and having somebody's "speshul" dog jump up.

I hate having my lead shanks peed on, heck, anything peed on.

I hate dogs being put in my horse's stall, crapping and then the owner not cleaning it up.

Speshul dogs tied by the entry gate or to trailers...jumping out at the horses (these dogs get a slashing with a dressage whip if they're close enough)

I've told stories of my mare killing a pair of corgies (she hated corgies)...if your dog sniffs my animals hind foot, better have the shovel ready. I've given up on warning idiot owners and my horse gets better distance that way on his kicks (he knows the difference between a pack of hounds in the hunt field (sacrosanct and never to have a leg raised to!) and little "Snookums" being walked by his brain-dead mommy.

I love dogs, but neither my horse or myself is going to be hurt by somebody's ill-behaved dog.

Mar. 17, 2012, 11:55 PM
Well if she keeps eating that amount of cat food and hair spray, she won't last long enough to accumulate many more stories!

Mar. 18, 2012, 12:00 AM
Had a loose dog pee on my tent at a horse show. The dog owners were kind enough to give me a bucket of hot water from their living quarters trailer to wash it off with........

Long Spot
Mar. 18, 2012, 12:02 AM
Had a loose dog pee on my tent at a horse show. The dog owners were kind enough to give me a bucket of hot water from their living quarters trailer to wash it off with........

I'd have peed on their living quarters trailer and then given them a bucket of water to wash it off with.

Mar. 18, 2012, 12:27 AM
There's a trainer in my area who has a dog who goes everywhere with her. He pees on anything he can get to slow down long enough for him to raise a leg on! You can tell when he's been down a barn aisle, every trunk is wet! How such a little thing can hold so much liquid is beyond me. And....he chases horses in paddocks. Grr...

Now, I have a dog who'd probably be a good horse show dog, but she'll eat anything and is allergic to grain products...and flatulence ensues if she dines on anything other than her dog food....well, it ensues no matter what, but it's less offensive if she sticks to the good stuff.

Mar. 18, 2012, 03:25 AM
A now-former barn mate had an adorable but excessively noisy small dog that she insisted on bringing to the barn. She'd tie him up, he'd yip endlessly. One day at a show her husband somehow ended up holding both said dog and my horse. Star has a tendency to grab ahold of things and somehow grabbed the dog's leash and lifted him off the ground. He yipped more. Star apparently decided that this new noisy toy was really cool and proceeded to pull him off the ground and set up back several times, sort of like a yo-yo. The husband was laughing too hard to do much.

lucky dog farm
Mar. 18, 2012, 08:54 AM
I never understood why "Fifi" has to come to the shows anyways. I can understand it if it an away show but just for the day? I am sure the pooch would be just as happy at home instead of being tied up to the trailer all day. Now, lest you think I am anti dog, I most certainly am not. I own six of the beasties myself and have trained thousands more.
However, if I really wanted to enter the contest of The Worst Horse Show dog, I would have to enter my 19 month old ACD girl named Sue and she is quite well trained. If i brought her to a show, she would be rounding up all small children and keeping them in a pack, then she would round up all the loose horses and herd them over to where tbe small children are being kept, all while stealing anything and everything on the way. Actually, she might not be as bad as some of them I have seen! :)

Mar. 18, 2012, 09:24 AM
Oh boy, this is my one REALLY big pet peeve. I have bred and shown dogs for 30 years. I have MANY. I can't stand ill behaved dogs and am not bashful about accosting their owners and telling them so, which has earned me somewhat of a reputation.

What does work, if the shows will do it, is a doggie jail. Any dog caught loose gets put in jail and costs $25 to redeem, $50 the second time and the third time it is taken to the local shelter and they have to get it out of there.........Some shows give the money to the volunteer manning the thing, it's great incentive for them to go capture the beasts.........some donate it to charity, some split it between the two. I think it's fabulous. And you would be amazed at the lack of loose running dogs at those shows. I once drove into a show that had a HUGE billboard as you drove in warning you of the fines for loose dogs. Before I could even get out of my truck, I had three people stop me that spotted the dog to warn me that of the fines, that they were relentless about enforcing them LOL. Never saw a loose dog all weekend................

As for dogs left tied up in the barn barking and annoying everyone, I give the owners one chance, then I take the offending dog out to the far reaches of the show grounds somewhere and tie it to a tree where it can bark all it wants without annoying me.............and let them figure out what happened to precious Fifi.

Do NOT bring your ill behaved dog to a show around me LOL

Mar. 18, 2012, 09:30 AM
One other note, if I see a dog run loose where they are suppose to be leashed, I catch it and tie it up to something where ever it happens to be. Keep a hay string in my back pocket for just such a purpose if I am somewhere where there are lots of them.

I did that at the KHP one time with a Jack Russel that was running in the barns. The owner apparently showed up looking for it (I wasn't there at the time) and remarked about it being tied up and got it and left. The next day, here it came running loose again so I was just in the process of tying it up again when the owner came around the corner and said "oh it's fine, it doesn't need tied up". I looked at them and said actually it did, all dogs were suppose to be on a leash............they took the dog and every time I saw it after that, it was either tied up at their stall or on a leash.

I find many of the pros dogs THE WORST. I have no idea why they seem to think the rules don't apply to them. ABSOLUTELY DRIVES ME CRAZY.

Can you tell ?????????? LOL

CDE Driver
Mar. 18, 2012, 10:43 AM
Oh man...what a topic!

At the driving events I go to most of them do have a policy that loose dogs will cost you $100 to bail out and elimination if it happens again.

One event I went to stands out.... one gal would bring a whole group of dogs. I don't think they had EVER been on a leash! Well they got loose on marathon day and happened to be running around in a hazard as I approached. My horse is no lover of dogs... as we approached the "IN" gate I could see there was going to be a little problem. I made the split second decision to proceed and let the dogs take care of themselves. Well, on of the dogs actually charged us...bad choice! My horse stomped it and kept going. The other dog got rolled in another gate in the hazard. I think it was one of the fastest hazards I ever drove! My horse was AFTER those dogs!

Don't flame me... I love dogs, really! But if you are going to be so flagrant in your disregard for the rules and your fellow competitors you take what you get.

Oh yeah...the dog owner was fined $500.... $100 for each of the dogs that was loose on the course that day.

Mar. 18, 2012, 11:46 AM
I loved your story CDE Driver. I have a could of dog hating horses myself who would have enjoyed some chasing and stomping.

I have no idea why people must bring dogs to shows if they have no plan to supervise them. Loose dogs -- never acceptable. I love the $100 fine.

As for the OP's dog friend -- I would tell the owner, that a muzzle is required when going to the show with you. I also agree that the dog is not long for this world if it devours so many things. If the owner cares about the dog, she should be more concerned about its health.

Mar. 18, 2012, 12:22 PM
Spoiled, entitled people who think the world revolves around them always do things like this. Their dogs run wild, their kids run wild, and they do nothing until they are forced to. The people who live on my street used to let their dogs run loose, until a few of them ended up road pizzas, and then they put them behind fences or walk them on leashes. Too bad the animals had to suffer, but after a few owners of the dogs had to pay car repair bills to the owners that had damage from their dogs running in front of them the problem stopped pretty quickly.

Mar. 18, 2012, 12:35 PM
I take a very dim view of uncontrolled dogs and an even dimmer view of the responsible human who is supposed to be more intelligent than said canine.

There are an increasing number of horse shows who stipulate emphatically, NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE SHOW GROUNDS. It is a rule I emphatically agree with. Also, when people visit my farm, I will not allow their dog out of their vehicle. My horses and foals are valuable and I won't have their dog chasing my newborns, weanies or yearlings, because if THEY get hurt, their show career could be ruined. Or most likely scenario, it will be their dog that will likely be seriously hurt or maimed by angry momma mares. Mares protecting foals are extremely dangerous. I certainly will not get in the middle of it. I already found one dead rottie in our back pasture a couple years ago and there was no mistaking the hoof prints all over it.

I had a loose dog run under the belly of my horse in the middle of a dressage test. Bless his heart, he never skipped a beat and carried on - we scored a 9 on the move. My FEI mare, on the other hand, would have timed her hooves to land squarely on top of the dog and would have gladly done her perfect piaffe right then and there happily using the dog as a carpet.

I, for one, will not take responsibility or discipline my horse should someone's dog get picked up by my horse's hindfeet and deposited into the next county. THEY should have had their spoiled, untrained, uncontrolled canine attached to their person via leash.

I like dogs, even have a couple. But mine are trained. When I say, "heel", they are glued to my heels. On or off leash, they come when called, they stay where they're told, and they know to stay away from the horses.

Mar. 18, 2012, 01:41 PM
I think my dog COULD be the world's worst horse show dog. Sometimes the excitement of fast-moving big animals gets to his head. He'd start barking at the horses...slowly if the horses were walking but increasing in tempo as the horses moved faster until he'd get into his high-pitched yelping in perfect rhythm with a horse cantering. He also like to throw in even higher pitched squeals when he sees them jump. The noises sound like they should be coming out of a 10 lb ankle-biter, not a 70 lb dog. Luckily he does it all with his mouth closed so I could pretend to look around and be like, "Gawd, who's annoying dog is making THAT noise?" and no one would suspect him.

But, because I'm a responsible dog owner, that doesn't happen. He's getting used to horses and does well most of the time but I won't bring him to a horse show until I can trust him 100% not to be annoying or distracting.