View Full Version : Do any of you record your rides...

Mar. 12, 2012, 03:21 PM
...and if so, what do you use?

I often ride alone, and I would like to start recording my rides. Just wondering if any of you do this, and what equipment you use. I'm not looking to spend a ton, nor do I require excellent quality... this would be for my own training purposes. I want to be able to set something up, either on the fence or on a tripod, click record, and leave it till I'm done!

TIA :)

Mar. 12, 2012, 03:33 PM
I have not done this yet, but plan to. For now my tripod is my husband. :) But I do have the tripod ready to go, and even a remote one/off key fob type thing I can stick in my pocket. I just have a digital JVC Everio camera. I use it for work and it works great. Good luck!

Mar. 12, 2012, 03:40 PM
I will record specific runs/courses/exercises or if I think there is something I need to have looked at (my position, how the horse is moving, etc.). I have an iPhone with a built in camera and video recorder so a friend, either someone I'm riding with or a friend just hanging out on the ground will record what I need. I also have a friend with a nice Nikon camera who can get great stills (or use my Nikon camera to get stills or video).

I don't have a tripod or any other specific equipment to use if I wanted to record when I'm alone. I've had plenty of rides when I wish I did!

Mar. 12, 2012, 10:43 PM
I started recording my rides after it was clear I would be forced to change barns (due to the one I was at changing from lesson to show barn). I wanted the memories, and to see how I would improve with different instruction. It didn't work too well because I didn't have anyone to film me. I used a FlipVideo with 2 hours of recording time. I'd set it up on a jump (quickly learned I needed a small tripod) and ride. Now I only got part of the ring, and getting jumping was almost impossible because the ring was huge! Occasionally I'd convince my friend to come out with me, but she quickly got that all I wanted was a camera person. Also my trainer would sometimes video a line if it was going well.
At my new barn, all we have is an indoor, so I just set the tripod up on a ledge, and get most of the ring. Only problem is other people standing in front of it. =_= Also, the battery life for my rechargeable batteries sucks. I quickly learned it would only stay on for about an hour, so I would have to break it up into flat work and jumping. Pretty easy to reset though, buttons are big and simple. I haven't video taped in a while due to the horrible batteries (It went from recording two almost one hour sessions to barely getting 15 minutes). It depends on where you can set the camera, and how much of the ring you can see from it. I don't find it very useful though on a ledge, because when you finally ride close enough to see anything in detail, its too close. Then on the other side of the ring its too far away, other people ride by, or jumps are in the way. Videoing is really hit or miss, I've caught all 3 falls on it, I would at least get the audio (which was amusing in itself) but sometimes miss the actual impact.
I'm hoping to get a Sony Handycam for Christmas..or something. Its supposed to have amazing battery life, lots of room for taping in HD, and can get awesome stills! Flip is pretty hit or miss on stills, especially jumping.

Good luck finding equipment that works for you. Those that are willing to come and video tape are very kind and caring people. :) But in the end you get great footage to look back on and see improvement or things you need to work on. Plus you get the memories! <3