View Full Version : Help Me Brainstorm While I'm Sidelined

Mar. 9, 2012, 04:03 PM
So I took a tumble while doing a gymnastic with my green mare...not a whole lot of room to fall! I ended up splitting my knee open on a flowerbox and getting stitches right at the part where my knee bends. That should teach me not to jump ahead! Mare is so honest though, she completed the triple without me!
I'm out of the saddle for the next week and a half at least, but I'd really like to keep the horse going, as I've spent the last four weeks bringing her back from standing in the field all winter and we've made a lot of progress that I'd like to keep building on. I've thought of the obvious things, like lunging her (possibly teaching her to lunge?), working with her in hand, and maybe free jumping her (I'm thinking a good place to start may be the triple I fell off in the middle of!).
Specifically, this mare has a long stride, but being green she hasn't quite learned to collect her stride yet which is probably why she struggled in the combination, which ultimately unbalanced me. I know that this starts on the flat, and I am hoping to get her lunging over cavaletti to work towards that aim. She also tends to jump quite flat and will drop rails if the jumps are too low. Oxers and higher verticals tend to hold her attention better and elicit a little more effort, but I think a lot of the problem is her approach to the jump.
So first of all, do you have any ideas for specific exercises I can do on the ground to help mare learn how to pick herself up at the canter and in front of fences? And what can I do with her to work towards this goal once I'm back in the saddle? I appreciate your input, since I now have a LOT of time to reflect on training!