View Full Version : Hunter Lessons in Minot, ND????

Mar. 4, 2012, 12:33 AM
Hello all! Well, now my name really speaks for itself. 37yr old Eventer here, just moved to oil country and the closest dressage class is 120 miles away. There are however, from what I understand, Hunter classes around these here parts. (As you can see, I'm adopting the language.)

Before you all start breaking out the violins for me, please note this isn't the end of the world because my new horse is only 2yrs old. We won't need a XC course anytime soon. I would however, like to get her into a Hunter ring and start working with a trainer.

Soooooo...the grand question: Does anyone know of, or leads to find a spectacular trainer around here who can take us by the hand/hoof and drag us into Hunter paradise? :)