View Full Version : Fly Sheet for narrow shouldered TB? Or other bug options?

Mar. 3, 2012, 09:18 PM
I brought my horse to school with me and I've been very fortunate the last couple summers to find jobs/internships in the immediate area, thus allowing me to see and care for the ponykins much the same as I would during the school year (i.e. daily visits). Unfortunately, this summer I've taken a job at a camp and hour from the barn. I'll have weekends off, so I'll be able to visit him then. He usually gets most of the summer off anyways (it is just too hot here!), so I'm not concerned about him getting out of shape. However, I am worried about the issue of flies/mosquitoes. He lives near woods and water (when there's not a drought) and the bugs tend to get pretty bad. I can fly spray him when I'm there, but during the week he'll be on his own. I have a Weatherbeeta fly sheet now that appears to fit him, but rubs the points of his shoulders after a few days. He can't wear a shoulder guard with it because it will be 100+ degrees. Feeding supplements is not an option because of his living situation (outside, with different horses during the day/night). Anybody know of a sheet that might work? Or have any other ideas to keep the bugs off? For what it's worth, he does seem to rub fairly easily- I can't even wear suede half chaps with him.

Mar. 3, 2012, 09:27 PM
I have a very allergic TB who cannot wear sheets or oil based sprays. I had good luck with a supplement called Bug Check. I can't say if it kept things from biting as much or if it calmed his reactions, but he was noticably more comfortable for the past two seasons being on it.

Mar. 3, 2012, 09:29 PM
Crap, just saw the part about feeding supplements not an option. Sorry, no idea...

Mar. 3, 2012, 09:51 PM
The Amigo Mio flysheet is fairly narrow through the shoulder. In fact my TB mare has a pretty big shoulder so I have to go up a size compared to her Rambo blankets. It's fairly light-weight, which makes it cooler than a lot of flysheets but also means that it's a bit flimsy.

I've never had a problem with it rubbing her, but I don't use it all summer. Once it starts getting hot she stays in.

Mar. 3, 2012, 10:30 PM
The fly sheet from Turtleneck might be a good fit. I had to really go up in sizing for my big shouldered warmbloods to get the elastic neck part to fit them right, but it might be the perfect fit on your guy. The way they do the elastic neck really does help with shoulder rubs and the mesh is pretty nice. Of course, I am in a much cooler part of the country than you appear to be, so I don't know if it might be too warm.

Mar. 4, 2012, 02:04 PM

Here's the "Hug" fly sheet. I've used the Hug blanket on my TB that gets horrible rubs normally and it worked well.

Mar. 5, 2012, 01:12 AM
They have leg wraps (not really wraps but I can't think of how to describe them) that go around ankles and are fly repellant. We used them on a pony that got terrible summer sores and they seemed to help. They look like reflectors that bicyclists would wear around their legs. I think they may also have ones that encompass more of the leg but that may not be very feasible for his situation.

Never used these particular ones but it's the same idea.

Mar. 5, 2012, 07:49 AM
I just noticed that you said it's going to be 100+. I can't think your horse is going to be comfortable in any flysheet at that temperature, especially if it's also humid.

Maybe as another poster suggested fly wraps would be an option. I use these: http://www.smartpakequine.com/fly-wraps-5255p.aspx. They stay put and they also breathe so that I've never had a problem with moisture developing underneath them. They really help to minimize stomping.

Good luck. I hate summer heat and the bugs that come with it. With the mild winter we've had, this year's going to be awful.

Mar. 5, 2012, 12:42 PM
Be careful with the fly bands that have repellent in them. I found out my horse was horribly allergic to citronella when I used one of those bands impregnated with "natural" ingredients. His neck swelled up and all the hair and skin kind of sluffed off after just one day ( it was a neck band). I figured it must be the citronella when i noticed he would get super itchy anytime I used fly spray with citronella in it. I can't use any of the liquid, one application repellents either as he has a reaction...at least I did a small test spot on those so figured it out quick (caused swelling and extreme itchiness).