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Feb. 28, 2012, 12:14 AM
I did a search on mares in heat and I'm not finding what I want so I am asking for your help.

My 4 year old mare had a foal last spring. She was lightly broke before being bred and while bred, I kept her going on and off for a bit. During this time, she was still pretty easy and fun to ride.

It seems we are going to have an early spring and I've been fortunate to be able to ride her earlier due to nice weather and cooperative footing. She has been quite flamboyant since being started back (which has been on and off for the last month or two). She is seeking out things to spook at and has gotten very quick on the flat for some reason. Before this, I had to ride her with spurs and crop. She was super lazy. She is NOT however, witchy in the least...just quick and spooky and a bit nervous.

She has been worked enough now that she should be out of the silliness that usually occurs when a horse gets put back into work after time off. She isn't acting as though she's in heat whatsoever but I'm wondering if she could be silently since Im sure her cycle is just starting to gear back up.

I ordered her some magnesium as I thought I would start with the easiest and least expensive thing first to help her.
This by the way is world's sweetest mare. She LOVES people. She licks you up and down and would usually rather be with people than horses. Being in heat has no bearing on her personality in the barn. And I never thought it was a problem under saddle either... until now.

She is in great health and I don't suspect there is a back, teeth, ulcer, etc issue. I haven't had a vet look at her yet since Im still just trying to figure things out here. I Thought I would ask you all for ideas before I call the vet.

This mare is super special to me and I am elated to be able to work with her again after time off over the winter. I just want her to be ok. Her behavior is just not HER and I want to get to the bottom of it so that she's happy again. Thank you in advance.