View Full Version : SRS clinics in S.C. & FL. - anyone going?

Speedy Alice
Jan. 16, 2012, 01:28 AM
I've recently moved to NC & am planning on going to these two clinics that Spanish Riding School Bereiter Marius Schreiner is teaching
(Jan. 20 - 23, 2012 Grant, FL, Brevard Equestrian Center, http://www.brevardec.com and Jan 27 - 29, Bishopville, S.C. Whitehaven Plantation, http://www.whitehavenplantation.com).

Anyone planning to go? Would love to meet up; I'm planning on driving from High Point NC to the clinic at Whitehaven, and would be happy to carpool. Am probably flying from Greensboro to FL (dirt cheap Allegian Air flight).

Marius is a wonderful instructor - I've seen him teach in Austria & in the US in private lessons & have learned a lot - he's the kind of instructor who's good with auditors, both in answering questions and also in the way that he teaches.

Anyway, if you're thinking about going/want to carpool/etc, drop me an e (jorie at dressageclinics.org ) or PM. Hope to meet some of you there!