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Jan. 7, 2012, 06:30 PM
Went and seen King today! The OTTB I'm looking at adopting from CANTER.

Sue was one of the nicest trainers I've met, and very honest with me. She said she was going to keep him, but they just don't mesh well. She's a wee little thing and he likes long legs. (yay for me!)

However, the husband said he was 5 (he's going on 7) and 59 starts (but I read 49 on his papers). I'm thinking that he's not trying to "dupe" me, but rather since there's 50 horses, including 11 CANTER OTTB's, that he just got him confused with another. I'm *guessing* that it would be sort of hard to remember all the little facts about each horse? (Input would be appreciated!)

However, I observed carefully as she groomed him and tacked him. Big fella just sat calmly as horses and people flurried on by. :) I did a lot of touch-tests on him and pressure points. At no point did he pin his ears or shift uncomfortably. He seemed very relaxed and happy. Stood nicely to be tacked. He IS a little nippy, but I think he just does it to get attention, because he only did it when people weren't paying attention to him. I can fix that.

Brought him in the arena and he was totally relaxed and at home. I haven't rode since summer, so I was quite nervous. However, I got on and he just packed me around the arena. (LOL) after I got use to him I asked him for a bigger walk, and then some trotting. There was 5 other horses in there, but he just kept on going. He's only been in training for 3 weeks, but I really like his mind. He was VERY willing and stable. Big pluses in my book. :)

Then a 12 year old girl came and rode him, so I could watch. He was great. I got to see him canter. He's very charming. :) When I left I said bye to him, and he gave me a little horsie hug. <3

The ONLY negative that I could find was that his back leg seems to "wobble" a little. I felt it when I rode him, and seen it when she was riding him. It only happens when he's asked to reach and use his haunches, so I'm thinking it's lack of muscle development?? Do any of you know of this??

Oh, and his conformation is fine. :) Once I can figure out how to upload the pictures and (hopefully) the video of him, I'll post.

What do you guys think, so far?