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Dec. 21, 2011, 07:02 PM
Just thought I'd start the thread....how was your year in eventing? What big, significant, important things happened in the sport, in your opinion? What good stuff happened? Bad stuff? What do we have to cheer about after the end of 2011? Did you have a good year? If bad, why? Did money make a huge difference in your eventng this year? Did you have a horse get hurt/go lame/off the team/sold on, or did you buy a new one/ride a new one/move up a level and have a great time? Did you event for the first time? Did you event after a long time off?

Dec. 21, 2011, 08:19 PM
Had a good year! Maresy and I had a blast! Look forward to hearing others stories.

Dec. 21, 2011, 08:49 PM
I'll play... My year was pretty good! I found my good friend and trainer after some time apart and we we right back at it. I don't know enough about the politics of eventing to comment on the big stuff that happened this year but I am excited to see some of our younger riders gaining some success and hopefully becoming the future of US eventing.

My year, personally was quite good. My ex GP dressage horse and I made the move from schooling to recognized trials. We started out at 5 Points with our first recognized novice outing. Then we went on to The Ark which had a pretty beefy xc course and we ended up winning! We also made it down to Poplar Place and the big man made a really good showing over some tough terrain showing me that he really is happy and ready to move on doing this job. He finished the season sound and waaaaaaay fit. I couldn't be happier with him. I'm looking to go big or go home in 2012 and we're already qualified for AEC!

I hope to maybe do a training event or two later this season and just keep having a blast with my red man. Money is always an issue, but I budget for it and eat a lot of PB&J. :-) I hope everyone else had a great year too. I look forward to meeting a few more COTHers at events next year!

Meredith Clark
Dec. 21, 2011, 10:50 PM
I did my first recognized event this year :yes:

I also jumped my first 3'3 fence and jumped my first training level x-country fence (first of many!).

I got to clinic with Phillip Dutton and Sally Cousins.

This year awesome.. 2012 has a lot to live up too! :winkgrin:

Dec. 21, 2011, 11:52 PM
I also feel like I don't really know enough to comment on the arena of eventing as a whole.

My year was a mixed bag, but definitely with more good than bad. My horse was diagnosed with severe Headshaking Syndrome after draining my savings account with every test we could throw at him in one day at Cornell - after he was essentially unrideable outside from July-October.

But, we also have an experimental treatment set up to start in January, and I am trying to stay positive. Because we have both come SO FAR in our training in the past year, and I truly believe we will be a force together - when we're on, we're *so* on. :D Now I just have to find that darn switch..

Overall I learned to take every day as it comes, live in the now, appreciate the horse I have, not the horse I wish I had, understand my strengths and weaknesses (AND BE OKAY WITH THEM) as a rider and an owner and caretaker and partner to my horse. I was incredibly humbled, yet always encouraged by my sweet gelding and my phenomenal trainer.

I look forward to reading about everyone else's 2011! But moreover, cheers to a GREAT 2012 for all! Health (please stay sound), happiness (please don't let that grouchiness be ulcers), and good competition (please ignore the two hundred sheep nearby and jump this scary table) to all!

Dec. 22, 2011, 12:39 AM
2011 has been the best year of my life!

I took my 5 year old OTTB to his first show ever in March and competed in the Starter division. We finished our last show of the season in November at our first ever Training and got 1st place with a 35.7 :)

Jumped my first 3'10" course, did my first 1st level dressage test, and schooled the Prelim XC course at a local facility for the first time.

It was a year of growing, improving, and having fun for us and I've never learned so much in my life as I have in this one year.

2012 has some big shoes to fill :)

Can't WAIT for the next chapter!

Dec. 22, 2011, 06:19 AM
I dipped my toes in the eventing waters in 2010 and dove in head first in 2011! Lincoln has totally exceeded my expectations at every turn. Also, I suspect he has his own fan club in area 2 :lol: We met many wonderful people on the way.

We're starting 2012 with a bang - a nine day trip to Aiken at the end of February :)

Dec. 22, 2011, 08:59 AM
We had a great year this year - watched our big horse start to solidify his relationship with his then temporary, now permanent rider this past spring, accomplished all the goals set for him, enjoyed a little extra icing on the cake and came out of the 2011 season super sound and happy.

Our new horse also got off to a great start, with solid performances from Beginner Novice through Training and came home with a great foundation for the future.

Driving was great for me as well, a move up and consistently improving performances, including year end top finishes in two of the largest classes in preliminary at CDEs this year in the US.

Next year should be even better, highlighted by two family members representing the US in polocrosse, me as team manager to the national Under 16 team headed to New South Wales Australia, and son on the US National Team headed to Zambia - the first time any sports team of any type has ever been hosted by the Zambian nation.

Hoping for a GREAT year with the big horse, the new horse and the driving pony as well!

Dec. 22, 2011, 09:10 AM
Good part of the year: getting Toby! I LOVE THIS HORSE. I am so, so lucky to have had the opportunity to buy him.

Bad part of the year: Being plagued by minor injuries and issues, which basically ended our first season together in June. The last event we completed was in May :( did two in June, but retired on xc at both (one for hard ground that he didn't care for and I didn't care to run him on, one for a heel grab). BUT, that's ok. Stuff happens. He's healed up and feels like a million bucks and we have all winter to get strong and fit and better than ever. The most disappointing part of his injuries and the secondary issues from them was that he scars very easily...my plain black horse now has a lot of white hairs all over his beautiful black legs :no:

2011 sucked as whole for me (other than Toby) and while the last two months have made it bearable (new job! new home! sound horse!), I will be VERY glad to watch 2011 disappear in my rearview mirror.

Dec. 22, 2011, 09:34 AM
Nonexistent. :( Unless you count the wonderful announcing jobs I had this year - Greater Dayton, IEA, Gemwood, Hunter's Run and Penny Oaks.

Dec. 22, 2011, 09:50 AM
I missed Aiken in the spring and after having a few early season events cancelled and shortened, became weather shy after that. Hesitated to enter later season events and actually some of them were cancelled as well. Wasn't the best of years. But 2010 was considerably better (trips to AEC and WEG), and 2012 should be awesome as well.... if the weather holds out!!!!

Dec. 22, 2011, 10:15 AM
2011 started out not-so-well for me - ski injury kept me away from my Aiken trip, and missed a few months of riding. Then I came to the very hard decision that my much-loved horse would prefer to hunt and skip the eventing thing. After that, my year improved.. I found a great hunt home for him. Started horse shopping - not as much fun as it sounds! But after a few months of looking, I found my new partner. I am just thrilled with him, had fun hunting in the late fall, and am looking forward to getting started eventing with him, and to a fun-filled 2012.

Dec. 22, 2011, 10:17 AM
My season left a lot to be desired... We came out of the winter strong, had a great first couple of outings at a combined test, and a horse trial. Then next event, horse dumped me at the ditch. Okay, just a fluke, I was looking at it, no big deal. Next event, eliminated at the ditch. Okay, ditches are a problem... Event after that I scratched because it was downpouring and the footing was horrendous. Event after that we lost a shoe literally right before I loaded him on the trailer. Event after that he dumped me at the ditch, yet again. Event after that we retired because he was not acting right at all. Ulcers. Missed the event after that due to them. Was going to run one final event of the season and drop to Beginner Novice just to give him a good outing... cancelled because it snowed in October! So we finished one event out of 8 we were supposed to go to... (Finished 1, Eliminated 3, Retired 1, Cancelled 1, Scratched 2)

As a bonus, the events where we got eliminated at the ditches were learning experiences for dressage and stadium. Every event this season his dressage had gotten better and better and his stadium rounds have been perfect. I already have a plan with my trainer for the spring to go and school every ditch in Area 1 before the season starts. He's not a jerk about them, he just doesn't understand them. Give him a ditch thats two feet wide or less, no problem. Anything bigger then that and he's ducked, spun, and long gone! :lol:

As another bonus, he's healthy, fit, and sound. He's schooling Second Level dressage. We're starting to jump 3'6" courses. Aside from the ditches, he's a rockstar cross country. This season has humbled me a lot and taught me a lot too. It has made me a better rider and although it could have gone a lot more smooothly, I am grateful for everything it brought. Next season, after we get over our ditch issues we're looking for smooth sailing at a few Novices and then making the move to Training. Bring on 2012!

Dec. 22, 2011, 11:05 AM
a mixed bag. My fancy youngster made it clear at the start of the year that he wants to be a fancy dressage horse, not an eventer, so off he went. I bought a nice youngster and actually did an unrecognized on him in July and had a blast. I then fell in love with an OTTB and bought him too. He is coming along well. One of the assistants at my barn is riding the other and he is doing super. I bought another for a friend, but he ended up having arthritis in his neck. Retread is working on finding him a new home. It was disappointing as he is super talented. I'm hoping for an actual show season in 2012 which will be my first since 2008.

Dec. 22, 2011, 11:38 AM
Our 2011 trip to NC for the Adult Riders camp was cancelled due to Tess getting sore in all four feet. Bad Farrier! :mad: New farrier fixed everything, so Tess was ready to do her first CT by the end of March.

This year was my year to improve myself, so I attended clinics with Robin Walker, Jim Graham and a camp with Eric Dierks and Doug Payne. I learned so much from riding with these wonderful instructors.

Tess placed in every event. She is such a good girl! :yes: We ended up in the top 10 for the USEA year end awards, in Master Rider and Master Amateur Rider. :)

The only sour note had to do with the bad Scorer's/Officiating at this year's AEC's. We were in 5th place after dressage. We went double clear on cross country and, according to the online scoring, moved up to 4th place. WhooHoo!

A friend looked at the "official scoreboard" and found that we had been given 20 penalty points for a refusal. After an Inquiry, the Officials agreed to move me out of 34th place, back into 4th. The scorers had transposed my score with a rider who had gone behind me. A huge "Thank You!" to Sally Ike for being such an observant TD!

The next day, before SJ, I went to the Officials trailer to make certain that everyone knew that I had been put back into 4th place. I was told that everyone knew what to do. They forgot to tell the SJ Arena Steward. She told me that I was supposed to ride in the 34th place position and had missed my ride time. :mad: It took about 20 minutes to get everything resolved.

What I learned about myself that day was that I do not handle that kind of stress well. My warm up went badly. I dropped a rail and dropped out of the money to 11th place.

Am I a bit of a whiner about what happened. Yes, because I spent over $1,500 on entry fees, gasoline and hotel expenses, to attend our "national championship". I can fogive one mistake, but the second one has been very hard for me to let go. (Ya think? Since it is December and I am still griping about it. :eek:)

I guess that the most concerning part is that I filled out and sent the event evaulation form that Rick Dunkerton sent me and another event evaluation form was sent to the AreaIII Chairman. I recieved no feedback or we are sorry that this happened and will try to make certain that it does not happen to anyone next year. For this reason, even though I have already qualified for next year's AEC's, I will not be going back.

All in all, the excellent clinics and events, in which we competed, do outweigh the negatives that resulted from AEC's.

Now, if these blasted Shingles would go away, so that I can concentrate on 2012, I would be a very happy person! :)

Heinz 57
Dec. 22, 2011, 11:45 AM
Boy, and I thought my chips were down!

Not such a great season. We came out of the gate strong, and would've completed our first T event had I not taken a header after a communication breakdown at the Trakehner. Rarely do I come off in relation to a jump, but the combination of steering malfunction + stall out + launch = Heinz in the mud. Second event, I'd pretty much convinced myself that we couldn't do it by the time we left the start box, and ended up with 2 refusals at fence one (a simple log), one at fence two, and the final two at fence 7 (which happened to be a 7ab water crossing). This is a horse that DOES NOT stop.

Took July-August off, did a few dressage shows and jumper shows. Went to a derby in September, E'd out at the water in 100* weather. Fantastic dressage test, though. Spent the day before the derby at the beach.

Our eventing season: crap.
Our dressage season: fabulous.

2012, you better be an improvement! We will be schooling the snot out of every water complex within an hour's drive.

Classic Melody
Dec. 22, 2011, 11:51 AM
I had a great year for eventing. I bought a Cleveland Bay/Hanoverian cross named Toby from a lesson barn in January and he turned into an eventer in just a couple of short months – we did our first unrec in March and finished on our dressage score. Overall we've done 5 horse trials, unrec and rec, and that's a lot for me! We even won the dressage once, which is something I never ever thought I'd do. Sadly we were then eliminated when he didn't want to get his feet wet at the water (it was really only his third or fourth time on an XC course), but other than that, we've finished in the ribbons every time.

I never really thought I'd have to funds/talent/luck to have a horse that is not only a total love but is capable of winning at the lower levels, but Toby is it. I'm nuts about him. Best thing to happen to me in a long time.

In 2012 we might even make it to Aiken - time will tell!

Dec. 22, 2011, 12:03 PM
2011--Rain. Record breaking rain. Afraid -to- enter- events type rain. Gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "its a wash."

Dec. 22, 2011, 12:08 PM
I am in California so I will use the phrase "totally awesome dude" and then apologize because it is soooo surfer and not eventer!
I have to say, I am still pinching myself, daily.
My daughter took our homebreds from a terrific year last year and went I with the boys, and moved the mare up to P...and did great with all 3, winning at least once on all of them. She graduated Magna cum Laude from UCLA and continued riding...
We have over the last year, become good friends and working with Heather and John at Phoenix Farm which lead to us farming out some of the 5 going event horses I own, which we can't afford all the entries on! 3 are based in their barn with terrific riders who are delighted with their rides, and I get to go watch my "kids" compete all over the place with 5 riders!!!! Not bad for a bunch of 'backyard' ponies! Poor unsuspecting Heather was giving a lesson one day, when I called her to ask if she would be my reference to give Aberjack a home for the rest of his life..."huh, whats going on?" since she hadn't been near a computer or EN all day...after filling her in, she said "I will call and email Denny and May". That was it. My life changed for the better since that day. Aberjack was flown out here mid-september and I now leave my ranch to go watch the show horses with a much bigger view of the whole picture...The future of the kind of horses I breed from him, for my daughter,my other riders, my friends, and his clients is important. The kind of horses we want to see in our sport,its up to us to create them. Horses for our upperlevel riders...they come from stallions like him and the best mares we can cross on him. I look at mares much differently know..I don't just have to make myself a good riding horse..I have the chance to breed good eventers for the future. I like this job. Somebody asked me about a year ago" Where did these horses come from?" meaning my two geldings romping around 1*..."My backyard" was my reply. Where is Aberjack these days, now that he is the leading event sire for 2011? My front paddock. This is a year I couldn't
even dream up, and I am living it. God bless Aberjack!:D

Dec. 22, 2011, 02:44 PM
I had a pretty good year. Although my OTTB and I did a second year at training level, it greatly improved our placings, scores and confidence in each other before our move up to prelim. Our dressage scores were on average better than previous years, but there's always work to do. We had a few scores below 30, which was exciting.

Show jumping has always been my weak point, and we only had 2 clear rounds at recognized events, but most other rounds had one rail that was usually my fault.

We moved up to prelim at the VA HT in October after a few years absence on my part. It was his first prelim and I've brought him along since BN, so it was a big accomplishment for me. He skipped around cross-country, and although he had a few rails down show jumping, I'm able to carry the feeling of our cross-country round into the off season and a determination to better our show jumping.

I was very lucky to be able to have a full season where we didn't miss any events due to injury or weather and we ended up second on the USEA Adult Amateur leader board, and 5th on the Adult rider board. We also ended up with a ribbon in the Area II standings and CDCTA.

Dec. 22, 2011, 04:25 PM
What big, significant, important things happened in the sport, in your opinion?

I never comment on "the sport" as a whole because I figure the upper levels have very little to nothing to do with me personally. But I'm excited about going to Rolex next year! :D

What good stuff happened?
Bad stuff? What do we have to cheer about after the end of 2011? Did you have a good year? If bad, why?

Good Stuff: Bought a new horse who has turned out to be fabulous and according to one of my favorite ULRs the reincarnation of Gwennie. :D

Bad Stuff: At first I thought said horse was going to be a total write off because I think he came home with ulcers, but he soon came right--whew!--and no more rearing! :eek:

Other Bad Stuff: Keebler got hurt again--a dumb, bad-luck pasture injury--and missed the whole season. :( Bonnie did her last Horse Trials and it was a good year (some very nice scores and ribbons) but she doesn't really want to be an event horse. :sigh: It's OK, because she DOES want to be a local DQ 2nd level horse and heck . . . what's LESS stressful than a dressage show? :lol:

Other Good Stuff: Keebler is all better, feels like a million bucks and is now cantering and on track for another :rolleyes: full recovery. :p TOUCH WOOD!

Did money make a huge difference in your eventng this year?

Money is OK, but finding the TIME is challenging, because the funding of this bloody ridiculous endeavor, while sufficient, requires a lot of hours. ;)

Did you have a horse get hurt/go lame/off the team/sold on, or did you buy a new one/ride a new one/move up a level and have a great time?

See above. Yes. Looking forward to getting back to Training level with the new guy, being a DQ for giggles on non-HT weekends, and seeing Keebler back at shows with myself and maybe an up-and-coming young friend in the irons. :yes: A T3D is the ultimate goal next season, and after that . . . who knows? Maybe the green flags will beckon again. ;)

Mtn trails
Dec. 22, 2011, 04:57 PM
Had a pretty good year. Went to my first recognized with mare and she and I did really well. No stops in either stadium or xc and a decent dressage test and it was a blast. Didn't place but came in the top 10 against some stiff competition. However, came to the conclusion that I will have to sell little mare in order to move up. My sometime trainer, Meika, and I both agree that she's holding me back as she is quite limited. So have spent the better part of the year horse shopping.

Unforttunately, found out that my wonderful gelding, Woodrow, my heart horse, has been diagnosed with cushings so I'm seeing more symptoms popping up and dreading the day when I will have to put him down. He's my go to horse and the light of my life for the past 15 years. So I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the inevitible, hopefully with careful management I can keep him happy and healthy for a few more years.

Money is always tight so I'm just used to that. Always too much month left at the end of my money.

Not a bad year compared to some years, but not the greatest either.

Dec. 22, 2011, 05:17 PM
Unforttunately, found out that my wonderful gelding, Woodrow, my heart horse, has been diagnosed with cushings so I'm seeing more symptoms popping up and dreading the day when I will have to put him down.

Mtn trails - My very first mare, an OTTB, was diagnosed with Cushings (allbeit low-grade) when she was 18, and is now 27, soon to be 28. We have managed her on Pergolide for the past 10 years, and while no longer rideable due to arthiritis, she is still relatively healthy for an older horse. She has lost a lot of muscle tone, but hard to tell if that is more from lack of exercise or the Cushings itself, and has always been difficult to keep weight on, but the Cushings has remained manageable. So, don't despair! I know other older Cushings horses who are still going about their daily riding business as well, so don't think of it as a death sentence, at least for now. Just enjoy your guy!

Dec. 22, 2011, 05:29 PM
Had a crap year....actually, it's been crappy since Sept 2010. Let's just say it is depressing to own 9 horses and yet I think I only managed to ride in one event in 2011.

Crap. But it could have been worse so I'm not upset. That is life with horses. Hopefully 2012 will have a bit more actual eventing in it but if not, I'll deal with it.

Dec. 22, 2011, 05:44 PM
Ok, I'll play too. . . after 3 years of different trainers, getting bucked off, prior to that sending mare out to a cowboy to get her broke (worst Thoroughbred he's had in 25 years, you'll never sell her, but she'll be a great horse if you can figure her out.)

Fast forward to 2011, new trainer, loves my horse, have to compete her!!! so, we start out with the first event 2nd place (probably a mistake) second event was VHT 2nd again, ok may we can do this. Long story short we were in second place for every event except the one we won and a weird spook at DRPC that got us a 3rd.

Couldn't afford to go to the Championships but went to the regionals and had a blast. Ended up in 4th and 5th for USEA Leaderboard and Res for the region 1st in our division (BN) for local organization.

I feel like I have to give back, so my husband and I took in a Tb mare that was going to slaughter. I may not do as well next year, but every day I see her my heart sings, I'll never regret it. :D

Forgot to mention, this was my forst year of recognized eventing ever, I did CTR before this and some unrec events. I love the people and the sport!!!

Dec. 22, 2011, 10:02 PM
Overall, solid year (in this sport, anytime the ups outnumber the downs (even if only by 1!!!) it's a good year).

Our friends and students outperformed themselves - we are SO PROUD!! And even better, they are tremendously fun and satisfying to be with. What a classy group of people!

We LOVE going to events and knowing/greeting/talking with upwards of half the competitors and volunteeers, definitely a family feeling. We hope to meet the other half this year!

We delivered four beautiful future eventers, our best foal crop yet. Vortex graded premium and was high point filly at her inspection. And she just jumped out of the paddock (4' board fencing) AGAIN tonite, so I guess she's got a little bit of scope.

Megan's big boys were spectacular, 3 firsts, 3 seconds, and a third out of nine Intermediate starts, never out of top 10. IMO, her runs at Ky Classique were probably her career best or at least equivalent to 2004/5 Maui Jim on Randy.

Several of the young horses stepped up to the plate and smacked the ball out of the park - 2012 should be exciting. This is easily the most talented group of young horses we've ever had. We're dealing with living beings here, so I have to admit a couple of the others seem to be sitting in the corner smoking dope.

On the plus side, we have the best vet support in the world such that when we have a problem we can deal with it. On the negative side, they bill us. Ditto with farriers. Our vet bills set yet another annual record, at least in part because we've got so many horses (when you breed 4-5 a year, they tend to accumulate - and I'm convinced Megan is still hiding a couple of OTTB's).

Many things we'd like to improve, many opportunities and challenges - but we're delighted to be in the game. This is the best country in the world - nothing is guaranteed other than the opportunity to try. We're trying our best, and we love it! "There's time enough for counting when the dealing's done!"

Dec. 22, 2011, 11:03 PM
For me, it was a year of highs and lows. The season started out really super with a win in my first recognized of the season and finishing with a score in the high 20s. That winter dressage work seemed to have paid off! Moved up at my next HT and had a decent showing. After that, it was all downhill. We had some refusals (which was very unlike my horse) and then a mystery lameness that came and went. After a lot of vet visits and an extended trip to a specialist, his injury was diagnosed and he's now on an extended rehab program.

On the positive side -- my horse's prognosis is good for a full recovery and I have been able to ride a real diverse set of other horses at the barn. That has been really interesting and educational. I have come to accept that injuries and setbacks are just part of the world of horses and am hoping for better luck next year.

Congratulations to all those who had a great year and best wishes for success and happiness in 2012 to everyone here!

Dec. 23, 2011, 12:18 AM
Had the kind of year that owning horses will give you! ;) My older mare managed to slice open her hock (unknown--but likely a kick) in May and it got infected in the bursa. Vet's prognosis was not good--said she may never be sound again. :no: After 4 months she was still lame. But another vet encouraged me to bring her back into work slowly and see how things go. She kept improving and now she is sound, sound, sound!!!!:D I feel so fortunate to be able to ride her fun, bouncy trot again, so we are ending this year on a good note.

My young horse was a complete superstar. She did a couple BN events and then we moved up to novice. She has jumped around every x-c course clean and brave--I couldn't be happier. She was bred to be a hunter--but is completely digging x-c! I am looking forward to next year with her. :yes:

As to the state of UL eventing--I agree with DeltaWave--I don't know that I can comment. But I am also looking forward to Rolex (and maybe Burghley too!)

Dec. 23, 2011, 08:23 AM
Let's just say it is depressing to own 9 horses and yet I think I only managed to ride in one event in 2011.

I own 8 and only did one unrecognized in 2011, but one of the others (my old guy) did some events with one of FlightCheck's students, so that was fun to watch, but yeah, hoping the two I have event in 2012, and the 3 that need new homes get them soon.

Dec. 23, 2011, 08:24 AM
It is really cool to hear about your year! I hope posters take the time and root your peeps on!

2011 for me was a mixed bag...

I started the year feeling indestructible... my GRRRR was strong and my horse sound! We were moving up this year to Training after a solid season at Novice and hunting First Flight for two. A little anxious but sooo ready. A couple of XC schools at Training really made me excited to pick that move up.

First Events demonstrated my mares marish behavior and my lack of focus in dressage but the jumping phases were flawless! Well we needed some tuning but it was all good.

Then I hit a tree at the event that was to be my last novice... Four broken ribs, a hematoma on my left hip that was, um... gigantic! (Well chronicled in my blog and somewhere in later writings, a link to the video) Did not make me feel pretty. That injury ended the Summer season. And Hurricane Irene ended by Fall season by destroying GMHA.

Hunted all Fall to make up for not Eventing. Started getting my Grrrr back when we did a slip and fall on wet leaves and frost... Neither of us were hurt but I lost my confidence... big time.

We're entering a rebuilding phase and although, I believe I can move up this year from a skill and horse point of view, my mental status needs repairing.

I am still more than grateful that it was me and not my horse.

2012 will be the best year ever!

Dec. 25, 2011, 08:56 AM
this year i started off with two ottb's. i ended with four ottb's. i have found a passion for the thoroughbred that has surprised me and delighted me endlessly. love their spirit and their exuberant energy. i used to be a very very nervous rider. they have taught me volumes....patience-patience-patience, calmness when all is scary, success is not measured by ribbons, learn who they are and you learn who you are, how to be a good partner for your horse, don't react to a situation--examine it and ask why. the list is endless.

for me the wins were that i competed all at their first events. each of them won in my eyes. they are so willing to learn and to trust. what a gift....to earn the trust of your horse. Priceless!

the sport seemed safer this year. not sure why. many factors i am sure.
the riders seemed better prepared....at all levels. i volunteer and the scary rider factor has declined greatly.

i found the joy in lower level eventing. friendly at every turn.

and my one forever ottb has remained healthy and fat for one yr solid. i can't wait to get him going again. a great thing.

Dec. 25, 2011, 10:58 AM
For the most part 2011 sucked for me - riding, personally, health wise and professionally all were rough (I have a couple of friends whose year also sucked and we are planning a good riddance 2011 event :))
But things are looking up including that I have a new horse whom I love and think will make a fabulous event horse- soooo excited about him. I have not competed in an event or jumped xc in three years and I am super psyched that, if all goes well with the new guy, I should doing both:D yippee!!

Mtn trails
Dec. 26, 2011, 01:39 AM
Mtn trails - My very first mare, an OTTB, was diagnosed with Cushings (allbeit low-grade) when she was 18, and is now 27, soon to be 28. We have managed her on Pergolide for the past 10 years, and while no longer rideable due to arthiritis, she is still relatively healthy for an older horse. She has lost a lot of muscle tone, but hard to tell if that is more from lack of exercise or the Cushings itself, and has always been difficult to keep weight on, but the Cushings has remained manageable. So, don't despair! I know other older Cushings horses who are still going about their daily riding business as well, so don't think of it as a death sentence, at least for now. Just enjoy your guy!

Thanks :sadsmile: Woody is 25 and still has a zest for life, he's a little arthritic and has showing neurologic issues but not enough to slow him down. I was really getting worried because he was losing so much weight but had the vet just out and drew some blood to check if his pergolide needed to be adjusted and we discussed diet. It's been totally revamped and he's cleaning up everything, so life it good.

Going to look at 2 more horses either tomorrow or next weekend. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Dec. 26, 2011, 11:44 AM
(Finally got inspired to use my username after lurking for so long)

2011 was a year of firsts for me. In June my horse and I attended a schooling derby, where we got our first ribbon that wasn't last place (4th in the starter novice). Had a lot of fun and got permanently infected with the eventing bug. :D

Later, horsie got an abscess in his left front hoof. :confused: Usually has the toughest hooves, but this came after two weeks of solid rain, leaving the vet to hypothesize that all the moisture caused his hoof to soften just enough to get punctured by a stone and infected. Two weeks of soaking and wrapping later, I have a sound and happy horse.

In July, we attended a xc clinic and learned that ditches are not always demon possessed but that water is always fun.

In August, we went swimming for the first time (in Lake Superior, no less) and attended a dressage schooling show. Horsie gets in touch with his inner giraffe during the test and the score not so great, but judge emphasizes hope for the future.

In September, we compete in our very first HORSE TRIAL! :D :D The giraffe reappears during dressage, we have a run-out on both xc and sj, but great fun was had by all. My goal had been to not get eliminated, and we accomplished exactly that. The eventing bug is here to stay. :yes:

*back to lurking*

Dec. 26, 2011, 12:36 PM
2011 was super for me. Though at my first event on Lenny (OTTB - We All Love Aleyna) at BN the end of 2010, I was suckered into complacency by leading after dressage. Never to happen again. I've been consistently holding down next-to-last place in that phase. But he jumps around. And sometimes even gets ribbons when there is significant carnage by others in the jumping phases. Trainer Lou Moore-Jacobsen moved him up to Training and did well, so I gave it a shot as well (after a several year absence). And he packed me around. It's a little embarrassing when, leaving the arena after SJ, someone comes up and says, "How much do you want for him?" It sorta gives you a hint about how well YOU rode. Then off the Galway where, in the slop and pounding rain (not used to that - we're California folks), after XC my trainer said, "If you'd pointed him at a jump, any jump, out of the water he would have jumped it." Hey, it was raining so hard I couldn't even see those jumps, let alone aim at them. Anyway, he's got a home for life (like all the others). And he's featured on the Santa Anita calendar coming out today - Opening Day. So you can bet I'll be grabbing a bunch of those.

For next year - got a Micklem bridle for Xmas from DH and will be trying to beat two horses in dressage.

Other horses: Jack (Twentyone Slew) fat & happy, but not enough $$$ to show two. Ruskin (DH's retired event pony) was loaned to a friend as my other retired event horse that she'd been leasing, Annapurna (25 years young), was diagnosed w/ ataxia and is now retired up here. She's having some trouble acclimating to being retired and not having a job. Oh well, from experience I can tell her it's not a bad gig.

Looking forward to 2012 and wishing everyone a successful and enjoyable New Year with their ponies.

Good Choice
Dec. 27, 2011, 05:52 AM
My 2011 in "horse news" was probably one of my worst years ever :(
Started out the year with the hopes of moving my awesome TB mare up to novice...fast forward to March, when she sustained a hind splint bone fracture in the pasture. After months of stall rest/handwalking etc, she was finally ready to come back to light work in July/August. Was continually NQR, after further lameness workups was diagnosed with moderate navicular disease. After several additional months of corrective shoeing with a great farrier, coffin joint injections, etc, it was clear that she is not going to be able to be sound enough to be an eventer :( Or I should say, would not be sound enough LONG TERM to event. So, she's now a retired pasture puff/trail horse living at a friend's farm. The saddest part is that this mare LIVES to go xc and jump. However, she seems to also like living in a huge field with other mares, doing nothing but eating and flirting with the geldings across the way :)
In other news, I found out in October that Mr. Good Choice and I are pregnant!! So we will be having a baby in June and then this fall I will begin the search for a new OTTB project (and maybe a pony!!) :) Hoping I am growing a future eventer in here!! :yes:

Dec. 27, 2011, 10:50 AM
What a year it has been!

After Southern Pines 1, I decided to sell my upper level horse. Eventing was not his discipline of choice. So, I transferred to the jumper world to market him to that group of buyers. Unfortunately, I only got to compete in one show because he sold so fast! Training and competing in the jumpers was an incredible experience and I look forward to supplementing my eventing season with these shows.

I then bought a 3 year old who continues to impress me every day. I am very excited to see how our 2012 season turns out. I originally wanted to purchase Garth back when I bought my current 2 year old, but did not as I could not afford him.

And, having a quieter season in the jumper world, and then even quieter with a youngster allowed me to complete more MBA classes - just 2 more away from graduation!

Certainly not the season I had planned, or had wanted. It all worked out in the end!

Beam Me Up
Dec. 27, 2011, 03:26 PM
For me a generally good year.

Was ecstatically happy with one of them, who had his first real year of eventing and was awesome, improved each outing, more struggles with the other who I felt like I never got the right momentum on--was always some minor thing.

I'd promised myself I'd sell one at the end of the year, though, so a bit stressed about that decision/process.

Also less of an obscene vet bill year which is nice. And I won a USEA end-of-year ribbon which I've never gotten before.

Dec. 27, 2011, 11:03 PM
My biggest Eventing accomplishment in 2011 was FINALLY (in January) getting my "little r" (through Prelim) TDs license.

Chief is now solid at Novice and ready to move up to Training (and hopefully be sold).

I finally got Belle back in regular work, so I should have two to compete in the spring.

Another highlight was going to watch Burghley.

Dec. 27, 2011, 11:41 PM
First sanctioned event for the princess in July and then first Novice for both of us in October! 2011 was awesome!