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Dec. 16, 2011, 10:39 PM
Many of you may remember my post about Annie and her reluctance to go forward after a kid tried to make her into a western horse.

She now comes with %50 more forward! She isn't balking or curling backwards nearly as much and she is enjoying her newly found forward nature.

She also comes with cantering! She gets a little excited about the cantering and was throwing her head into my face so I installed a running martingale to keep her face out of mine. She's not real happy about cantering past the spooky gate of doom, but she was a good horse in this video. She gets excited about cantering and tries to pick up the canter before I ask, after I ask, and randomly but it's part of the process. I bring her back to the trot as quietly as I can and ask her to trot along.

She does not yet have a right lead.

She still needs to relax more and not make snarky faces, and be more steady but I'm pretty happy with where she is. She doesn't have a lot of loft to her trot or a lot of reach with her shoulder but I don't know how much is conformation and how much will develop with more riding.


Dec. 17, 2011, 09:50 PM
She's cute, ETR! What's her backstory? Is she yours?

Gotta love the failed WP horses.... I've had a few and they can be a challenge to fix because sometimes they've not had the best riding/training and are very backwards.

Looks like she's starting to figure it out though! Keep us posted on your progress. :)

Dec. 17, 2011, 09:59 PM
She isn't mine, but she's my project while my regular ride is lame. She may be my backup horse if Snorty doesn't come back, or I will try to see if I can get her sold.

She got 60 days under saddle a few years ago, then went to live with someone who wanted to ride her western but went about it by slapping a shank in her mouth and getting her in the face when she went too fast. Since she was green and naturally meek (the yearling beats up on her) she ended up resisting by standing still, backing, or bucking.

She came back to her breeder and was a pasture puff until I rode her a few times last winter, and now she's in regular work. There should be some other videos of her progress thus far. I wanted to have a record of her then, now, and future self. The challenge has been getting her to relax, move forward, and enjoy being ridden.