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Dec. 14, 2011, 06:30 AM
I have finally moved to Aiken.
In the process, I am going to be building some housing(horse and human) on my property.

I may be building as a safety net for me, but also intend to rent the property out in the future.

I am curious what people who come to Aiken are looking for in seasonal rentals.

I currently have a studio available, and am not getting any takers. Granted it is small, 12x24, but it has cable, heat, kitchen and bath and really suitable for someone who just needs a quiet space to hang.
No takers from only 2 inquiries, so not sure if its the size, or me or what. Its close to town, so that isn't an issue.

Soooo, back to my question, when eventers come to Aiken, do they come by themselves or would prefer sleeping for humans?
How many would want their horse on site or do most put their horses at the larger farms where they are in training?

I have a clean slate, and want to put something up that can easily be rented out.
BTW, I am not building a mansion, just curious if a 1 bedroom is good, or is a 2 bedroom better? I just wonder how many eventers come alone or come with a friend?
Hope this post makes sense, thanks for feedback.

Dec. 14, 2011, 09:01 AM
Congratulations on moving to Aiken, I've been trying to do it for several years, but am still too young to live on my net worth and haven't found meaningful employment in the CSRA. ;-) So still live in the ATL.

I have recently built a 'hunt box' on 9 acres. 1 BR/1Bth apartment (sleeps 4 w/sofa bed) with 3+ stalls in shed-row configuration. Very much a 'lock & leave' property. It is on 9 acres, 4 of it fenced (w/grass) and a fenced paddock area off the barn. I also installed 2 RV plugs for friends w/LQs.

I checked with a few real estate agents and they said I could definently get it rented this winter if I wanted. Especially Feb - Apr. Not sure I'm ready to do that as I'll probably use this winter -- but if not, it will definently be on the rental market next year. Maybe even the 'sale' market.

Let me know if you want to stop by and take a look. Could give you some ideas. It is on the SW side of town. Much closer to Augusta -- which was goal of mine for potential employment opportunities.

Check w/ the realtors and property management folks -- they'll tell you what people are seeking. FYI - I also have a townhouse in Aiken that is on a very lucrative long term rental for temporary employees at the Savannah River plant. so the horse community might not be the best renter source.

Dec. 14, 2011, 09:55 AM
I may have someone who would be interested in your studio, can you PM me?

I've been looking high and low for our group and I'll tell you our dynamics so you can use it as a reference:

1 couple, and 2 female riders, in their 20's.

We would have loved to find a place as a group, pool our resources for rent and food (cooking in).

But we couldn't find ANYTHING that was in our price range, so far, I've found a 1 bedroom for me and my SO, and possibly a studio for the other two riders, who don't mind sharing a very small space.

I think you will have quite a number of single riders coming down who would want to have the studio. Maybe contact the trainers going down and let them know its available?

I will tell you as a couple, a 1 bedroom with FULL kitchen is what suited our needs.

A 2 bedroom with FULL kitchen, would have been idea for our group. Esp with a small sitting area, or even a living room with a pull out, which would have been even better. Even better still, 2 bedroom, 2 bath. At some point, 4 adults, including one male, makes a 1 bathroom less than ideal.

Hope this helps?