View Full Version : Hunter Pace at Bucks County Horse Park

Nov. 26, 2011, 08:22 AM
Has anybody ever gone to the hunter paces at BCHP?? There is one Sunday 11/27/11 that I'm thinking of going too...it will be my first time...can you go by yourself?or do you have to have a team/partner?!? The person that was gonna go with me probably can't go but I kind of still wanted to do it!!

Isabeau Z Solace
Nov. 26, 2011, 09:33 AM
You have to ride on a team, but I usually have luck finding some people at the pace who are willing to let me tag along. Ask at the sign up desk. Make sure you are honest with potential team members about your horse's behavior, fitness level, jumping skills, etc. The first folks you ask may turn you down, but it is actually a fun way to meet new people.

The course usually just follows one of the many already established and marked trail routes. There are jumps galore in the main park area, but very few once you leave the main fields and get into the woods.

Do you have a network of horsey friends on Facebook? I have found some hunter pace partners by posting there that I am looking.

Nov. 26, 2011, 10:17 AM
Ok...I don't know how my horse will behave as we've never done this before-he's relatively quiet and generally well behaved...he may be a little tense/nervous but he never does anything stupid or crazy..I trail ride him at home and take him off the property for lessons and have shown him occasionally as well ...he's regularly ridden,and jumps very well..and is brave over fences so I'm imagining he will enjoy it and have fun!

Nov. 26, 2011, 11:42 AM
The hunter pace is really fun, low key - some people take it really seriously, and others (like me!) just did it for the fun of it, you don't have to jump AT ALL, there are tons of ways around the jumps if you don't want to!

I wanted to go but my buddies flaked on me! If I can do it, maybe we can team up!

Nov. 26, 2011, 12:52 PM
Ok great!....sounds good to me!

Nov. 26, 2011, 12:57 PM
Also what is the dress code for hunter paces?

Isabeau Z Solace
Nov. 26, 2011, 06:25 PM
Do you still need a partner? Friend of mine with well behaved draft horse is looking for someone to ride with.

Dress code = not naked. Helmets required and maybe hard soled shoes, but that's it. It's not like a pace run by a fox hunt where they want you to 'dress the part.' There will likely be some folks there riding western, endurance, in dressage saddles, etc.

Isabeau Z Solace
Nov. 26, 2011, 06:46 PM
my friend is game for a play mate tomorrow if you still need a partner. So get in touch on Facebook or I can PM you a phone number if you prefer.

Nov. 26, 2011, 08:41 PM
Sorry Im out. Hubby is finishing my stalls and I feel like a schmuck if I don't help!!! lol I can't thwart his newfound enthusiasm.

Nov. 26, 2011, 08:43 PM
And last year, I wore a fun scarf. That was my dress code. :)

Nov. 26, 2011, 10:15 PM
Well my horse sprung his shoe...so unless my farrier can get out here tomorrow am to fix it I won't be able to go now:( figures...I really wanted to give it a try

Nov. 26, 2011, 10:20 PM
I say we plan a COTH one next year. I would actually LOVE that.
I would also love to do the Pink Ribbon Ride next year.

Isabeau Z Solace
Nov. 27, 2011, 05:48 PM
That sounds like fun. There are plenty of paces in the area.