View Full Version : Anyone tried or seen the new Tipperary T2 & T4 helmets?

Nov. 21, 2011, 05:35 PM
Curious if anyone has seen or tried on the new Tipperary T2 & T4 helmets? Not even sure if they are in the stores yet. Curious as to how the look and fit.

Stupid me splurged in a new GPA Titium and bought the wrong size, am really ticked about it. Salesperson said it fit correctly, bought the 7 1/8, seemed fine in the store. Put it away for next show season so threw away the box and put it in a helmet case. Decide to try it once before winter hits, rode in it, landed from a couple jumps and the blasted thing falls down over my eyes. Spent two entire courses putting my hand up to push the helmet back in every corner :( Too late to return it to the store so I'm going to sell it, take the loss and get something else.

Never had a GPA before so maybe it just doesn't fit the shape of my head. Tried on my daughter's Tipperary Sportage helmet that she uses for schooling and wow it was SO comfortable, loved it. And fit great too. Of course wouldn't use that for showing but it inspired me to look at these new T models as I think they look show acceptable?

Mostly do jumpers but might be on the odd hunter. What do you guys think of how these look (kind of a speedair knockoff)? Which would you pick if you might be doing both rings? I'm not clear on it from the pics but I'm thinking the T2 looks like it's just kind of a plasticy outer shell so I'm leaning towards the T4.

SO anyone seen one or tried one on? And if so, how do they look in person and do they fit like the Sportage? I don't like the way they are SML type sizing. Now gotta find a store within reasonable distance to try one on!

Nov. 21, 2011, 05:42 PM
I would be interested in hearing what others may have to say about this helmet as well. I love the fit/feel of the tipperary sportage, but I couldn't bring myself to wear it at shows. I have to say, I really like the way this looks from pictures, and think it might look nice in the jumper ring. Hopefully someone will give us the scoop, murph! :)

Nov. 21, 2011, 05:45 PM
I quite like them. If they sold them around here I would probably buy one. I lean towards the T2 though. I don't like the suede look with the 'speedair' look. I prefer the plastic look. (though I have never seen them in real life so maybe my opinion would change upon seeing them)

Nov. 22, 2011, 05:20 PM
I saw them both at the Royal Winter Fair, and I liked them also. Like ElisLove, I prefer the T2 over the T4. I think the suede fabric looks out of place with the style of the helmet.

The T2 that I saw was a lovely cocoa brown matte finish. I have the same colour in my Tipperary Sportage. Unfortunately I didn't try either one on, but I have the shape of head that fits the original Sportage and the 3rd generation, but not the Sportage Plus (2nd generation). I forgot to ask what shape these new models were based on.

If you like the Tipperary, you might also want to take a look at the new Ovation helmets. I tried on the Schooler model: http://www.ovationriding.com/en/ovation-product-details.htm?prd=112366998

and also the Z-15: http://www.ovationriding.com/en/ovation-product-details.htm?prd=366900550

They are the lowest-profile helmets I have ever seen. I actually don't look like a mushroom head in them - I have a small head (take an XS in Tipperary) and I always look funny in helmets.

Nov. 23, 2011, 11:18 AM
Rats didn't know they were at the Royal :( For those that saw them, would you do A shows with them or did they just not "look the part"?

Went to my local tack shop yesterday to see if they had them. Nope and they said they weren't planning on carrying them as they saw them at a recent trade show and didn't like the fit of them and said they weren't very nice. Mostly complained about the fit?! They do carry the other Tipperary helmets and said these were very different in fit.

Not sure when/if I'll get my hands on one of these to try them now, only one other tack ship within 2 hrs drive from here.

If anyone does get to try one, please post how they fit compared to the Sportage and if they look cheap or not or decent enough to show in.

Nov. 24, 2011, 02:33 PM
I have the Black T2 and love it!! I bought it from Dover, and it is honestly SO comfortable! And the vents make a huge difference...i can literally feel the air coming in through the vents as i ride! (I will be showing my greenie in the hunters next year, and i will definitely be using it in the ring. I am seeing so many speed-airs in the hunter ring lately, so I am not worried about wearing this at all).
I should also mention that it saved my butt this weekend! Thanks to a lovely pigeon in the "scary corner" deciding to flutter right in front of my horse, I was in the air before I knew what was happening. I landed in a heap on my side and the force from the fall whipped my head into the ground - my head hit the ground exactly where the back of the helmet is extended (I think they call it the drop-back shell??), and I heard a crack. When I got up, I was a little dazed, but the first thing I did was check the inside of my helmet. Sure enough, right along the back of the helmet liner was a huge crack. I was able to get back on, with only a slight headache. Kinda scary to think what would have happened if I wasn't wearing it!!
I called Tipperary on Monday and they are sending me a new one as we speak!

Anyway, I digress...I highly recommend the helmet, and think they will be totally fine in the ring!

Nov. 25, 2011, 10:42 PM
Tried the T4 on today. Interestingly, the teeny weeny still-stocking-rust-breeches-from-Miller's-that-have-been-hanging-here-since-1980 tack shop near my childhood home had a HUGE stack of the new T4s and T2s?!

Anyway, I am a 7 1/4 in Charles Owen GR8s and those fit me perfectly. Oddly, I wear a medium in the Tipperary Sportage, which does NOT align with 7 1/4 but that fits very well and it's my schooling helmet. Tried on the T4 and absolutely needed the medium. Thought it fit a LOT like the Sportage but was maybe a titch ROUNDER and less oval. I had just a tiny bit of space behind my temples on each side, which I do not on my Sportage. Still fit more than well enough for me to feel I could be safe in it, and absolutely I needed the medium (the small barely got on me head). So I would say the fit is close to the Sportage but ever so slightly rounder.

Much lower profile and less mushroom headed than my GR8s. I am a traditionalist and can't decide yet if I can handle how sporty it looks. The GR8s were a real step out in a limb for me. It's a nice helmet though. My one criticism is that the chinstrap clip is this sliding plastic thing and IMHO looks junky and seems flimsy. I think the Charles Owens fold over metal clip is so much classier and durable looking.

Nov. 28, 2011, 05:00 PM
I just got my T4.
Good fit, comfy; love the ventilation and the look of the helmet itself. Don't mind the plastic clip at all, it's pretty easy to clip/unclip and isn't that noticeable to me.
I don't like the thick leather part of the harness, over the ears. It's just too big and rather stands out. Not a dealbreaker, as I love everything else about the helmet, but kind of ungainly looking. I'm wondering if after I've broken the helmet in for a few months the harness will soften up and conform more to the helmet and my head, and be less awkward looking.
If not, I may look into any possibility of having the leather over the upper portion of the harness made slightly thinner(by a cobbler? I wouldn't think it would be too big of a project).

I like the helmet though, just that one thing that bothers me. I've not had great luck w/ helmet fit, and I know Tipperary suits me well. I'm happy that they've come out w/ proper "show" helmets.
It doesn't fit exactly the same as the Sportage or Titan, but it is very close. I think it is just the difference in padding style that gives it a subtly different fit.
It still fits me well! I'm happy.

Nov. 28, 2011, 09:49 PM
I bought an Ovation Z-6 Elite last summer and I love it. Plus, it can change sizes with the dial so I can do hair-up and hair-down without headaches! Hooray!

Across Sicily
Nov. 29, 2011, 12:55 AM
I saw them at the Royal, too.

I would do jumpers in them, but at the moment, probably not hunters. Though I don't doubt you'll see them in there.

Jan. 14, 2012, 07:25 PM
I've not had great luck w/ helmet fit, and I know Tipperary suits me well. I'm happy that they've come out w/ proper "show" helmets.

Same here! I have tried on tons of different helmets, most recently show ones. None of the brands fit my head right (CO, IRH, etc). I've had my Tipperary Sportage for what seems like forever and absolutely love it, not to mention it's saved my butt (rather, head) more than once. (Now that i think about it, it's probably about time to get a new one, considering how many time it's benn droped, tossed, and actually been in a fall...) Anyways, not only does it fit right (yay for no headaches!) but it doesn't look horrible on me (with all other helmets, it looks like they're wearing me, not the other way around =__=; ).

Ever since I first saw the T2 and T4 on Dover's website (I think it was last Spring?) I've been craving one. Guess I'll try one on when I go back to VA over spring break :) I didn't realise they only started shipping in Nov, I guess that's why they didn't have any on display when I went during winter break ;3 (I'm also going to try on the Samshields they are ~beautiful~ but atm I can't justify $400... even $200 is making me wince...)

But good to know the matte is most people's preference, if they don't have it in stock in march I'll have them order it ahead of time and try it on at the store.

Sorry for the long and not-very-helpful post but I just couldn't resist ^^;