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stolen virtue
Nov. 21, 2011, 02:32 PM
So, this has been bothering me all weekend and since I am home sick today I thought I would ask the COTH training gurus this. I had my first lesson (yes after buying my OTTB last Feb. I finally took a lesson on him from the trainer who has him in full training since June) on my guy and he was wonderfull. It was cold, windy and leaves and bushes were blowing and he was so good just a little looky. When my trainer discussed putting him in a canter-after I used a crop that sent him off into full charge mode-she said to squeeze right, left, right and push him through your seat/hip bones for the right lead and left, right, left for the left lead.

It worked but then I remembered another trainer telling me the same prompt for my last horse when he was just getting started-minus the seat. Is this the standard baby cue for canter ? I want the regular lead leg in front of the girth other leg behind the girth prompt eventually. Is this typical ? I like using my seat bones since it is subtle and easy and hopefully that is where we end up.

Nov. 21, 2011, 02:54 PM
I have heard of using your seat bones to help straighten the young horse but I haven't heard of alternating right-left squeeze que...

I taught my filly by halt-halting to warn I am going to ask for something, sit, ensure straightness and ask with outside ever so slightly back. But make sure you can feel the canter in your trot... (not rushing or anything but active behind enough to get the push)

You may want to teach verbal cues if he isn't getting it for the time being