View Full Version : Where to market a Pony Jumper prospect?

Nov. 21, 2011, 02:17 PM
I should preface this by saying we mostly breed dressage horses... but as sometimes happens we end up breeding ones that would rather jump! That's no problem when they're "large..." but how do we market a small one? Is there a market for pony jumper prospects? Do any of you have suggestions of trainers that specialize in this sort of thing? I leave for Florida in January and taking her with us could be a possibility if I can find someone to jump her down there!


Nov. 21, 2011, 02:23 PM
If you search for "pony jumpers" you'll see that the market for a single purpose pony jumper is very limited in the H/J world.

If the pony is at ALL quite and at ALL attractive and at ALL pleasant to ride, you'll do much better marketing it as a pony hunter with the bonus skill of being able to go in the jumpers should some kid decide they want to.

Basically, an average hunter pony is more marketable than an above average pony jumper. Sad but true.

Nov. 21, 2011, 02:40 PM
Just looking at your ad...FEI Pony Jumpers is listed as her discipline???? Are there any FEI PJ classes at all in the USA?

We don't even have many USEF/USHJA PJ classes, only about 30 ponies show any points in it nationwide. Some of the listed results are in 1-2 entry classes where they don't even get points.

She could be marketed, and probably should be marketed, as a Child/Adult Jumper for the small adult or child. 14.1 is probably capable of getting around a friendly level 1 or 2 course at a lower level show. She needs a picture jumping a level 1 fence, at least, not the crossrail pictured. Video over a show course would be much better.

Know you didn't ask but, as a 14.1 hand unshown coming 8 year old prospect for an advanced rider only? 15k.?

She MIGHT interest a breeder, maybe not at that price though with no show record.

Sorry. But throw her in the trailer of you are going to Florida anyway. Talk her up. Get her some good riding over good fences and see where it goes. Get closer to that price there as well IF you get her going.