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Nov. 18, 2011, 07:17 PM
How do you feel about these bits? In what instances have you seen them be useful? Detrimental? I am considering getting one, but I am hesitant to buy one for 90$ plus and have it be a bust.

Thank in advance!

Nov. 18, 2011, 07:25 PM
Love both of the ones I have. Great bits for horses with funny mouths, and there are so many bit options (I have a straight rubber one and a waterford one). My mare gets strong/heavy and they are just fantastic.

Nov. 18, 2011, 07:46 PM

I depends on what it is/what reason you want it for.

Personally, I wouldn't buy a combo without trying one first. Combo bits are just so expensive. Why do you want a combo? Why not just a hack and a bit?

I ride my mare in a hackamore and bit at the same time. I use a double bridle.... hang a mechanical hack on the bradoon hanger and the snaffle on the outside (regular cheek pieces). That way the hack is totally inside the bit, so the hack doesn't pull on the bit or squeeze the bit rings together into the horse's face.

Cost me about $50, for a plain french link loose ring and a regular mechanical hack.

Now that this has been tested for 4 months I'm upgrading to a sprenger hack and KK bit (since the one I have doesn't fit mareness).... but she's totally spoiled.

Nov. 18, 2011, 07:56 PM
I have never ridden in one but have seen someone ride in a hackabit and it didn't seem to be effective in her case and I don't think that she thought it was either.

I feel like it would be much easier to send a clear signal if you had what LittleWing described above and could use each portion separate of each other.... Might be more expensive if you had to buy the double bridle or what not (not familiar with them).

Hope you find a solution that works well for you!

Nov. 18, 2011, 11:46 PM
The horse in question is a bit of a quirky ride. He's generally pretty quiet, but has his days where he is a very fussy ride. I have ridden him in a hack before, due to head tossing issues and the leverage/turning were much improved from his KS loose ring, but he was confused about what I was wanting with the lack of big. He's still somewhat green, but will definitely be a jumper. He's just not the brightest, so he needs help in many instances. Unfortunately I don't own a hackamore or bradoon hanger to try. I just think a bit plus the hack would help keep him under control when needed, since he goes well in the loose ring, but the hackamore really helped with the other issues.

Obviously flat work will help, but I'm more looking for something that can help with some of his quirks.