View Full Version : Modifying Vogel Boots?

Nov. 9, 2011, 06:26 PM
I've got a pair of custom Vogels that just look bizzare when I'm riding. They're really baggy in the ankle, are too tall behind my knee (the leather there is now somewhat folded over), and poke-out to form a point at my mid calf (boots don't have zippers).

I've had these boots since 2008 so they should be fully broken in/have dropped as much as they're going to. I think they have always looked this way, but I have only started to realize how bad they look this year, as I've had more photographs taken this show season (only use the boots at shows). They look cheap and ill-fitting and I did not spend $1000 for them to look this bad!

I'm especially bummed about the point they form on my calf. It looks weird and is fairly prominent. I haven't lost/gained any weight, so that should not be the issue.

Has anyone had experience with Vogel remedying ugly-fitting boots or their customer service? Would they "fix" them at no cost or a reduced price? I'm thinking zippers may help with the problem. I realize I might be SOL since I've had them a few years now, but I don't want to spend more money on these ugly boots when they cost that much to begin with!

Melissa.Van Doren
Nov. 9, 2011, 07:58 PM
It's unlikely Vogel will do anything to your boots for free, since you accepted them as "perfect" when you bought them. But they certainly do offer modifications and repairs, including zippers. You may need to go back to the tack shop you purchased them through, but, since perhaps your measurements weren't taken correctly, you may want to ask for help from a different sales rep.

Nov. 9, 2011, 09:23 PM
It sounds like they've never fit properly and have been too tall from the start. They can most certainly be altered to fit better. Zips will make it so the ankle area can be as small as possible. They should never fold over at the top therefore could use shortening a bit. You may consider calling Vogel to get a suggestion as to what dealer they work with regularly in your area so that you can be remeasured accurately. It's highly doubtful, after this length of time, that you could expect a no cost alteration but you could ask when you speak with them.

Nov. 9, 2011, 09:29 PM
I have found Vogel's to have very good customer service. You should have made your concerns about the boots known when you accepted the boots.
That being said, I would speak with them directly and see if they are able to help you and at what cost. You ordered them just three years ago without zippers, they should not be expected to do anything for no charge.
Otherwise find a good cobbler.

T-storm chick
Nov. 9, 2011, 11:42 PM
Like the other responders, I'm not sure what they would do for you for free...but everyone I've ever talked to on the phone there has been very nice, so ask and you never know.
My Vogel story...Bought a pair off EBay that were the correct foot size for me, but that must have been made for Amazon woman. (Paid $122 including shipping for UNWORN, UNCREASED Vogels!) I am 5'8" and short from knee to ankle. When I tried them on they came COMPLETELY over the top of my knee! Sent them off to Vogel and for about $300 they remade the shafts, cut the tops down, gave the boots Spanish tops and added a gusset. They are fabulous. You would never know they are not full custom for me. It took about 3 weeks. They do excellent repair work.:yes:
Good luck!

Nov. 10, 2011, 02:23 PM
My 20yo+ Vogel dress boots have been back to NYC on several occasions:
Add gussets
Add zips
Repair zips

Each time Vogel reps have been more than nice and reasonably priced.

They fit perfectly when I first got them - allowing for some breaking in & drop in the shafts.
The foot part was comfortable as bedroom slippers from Day One.

Sounds to me like whoever measured you effed-up somewhere.
Not Vogel's fault - they followed the pattern sent in.

I would not expect any free alterations after 3 years, but maybe send them pics of the way the boots fit and discuss your options.