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Nov. 3, 2011, 06:19 PM
I have this OTTB, 7 years old... He LOVES to jump, which makes me REALLY happy.

On Saturday I took him to his second show ever, and I was so pleased with him, I just have to share it somewhere. We haven't jumped a course since... oh... his first show :D (As I put it to a friend when I got to the show: "We're not as redneck as we were last spring! He's seen an actual jump this time!" yes, I usually jump old fence posts set on the end of barrels, if it falls down easily I'll set it up for us to jump. Now I board at a barn that has jumps though.). Being the nervous little horse that he is, warmup was a little overwhelming to him as usual (would. not. walk.). But once he gets in the ring by himself, he's awesome.

I was so proud. For our combined lack of training, we made it around three courses while only minorly embarrassing ourselves (mistakes on my part), hitting the right distance to every jump but one (the minor embarrassment I was referring to...), and no run outs or refusals (not that I was even remotely worried about that, this horse does not have a stop in him. I have never had him refuse a fence even when I'm doing everything wrong).

Alright, I could talk all day about how much I love this little horse, but instead I'm going to bite the bullet and do something I've never done on COTH... post pictures.


^ biggest jump on course... slightly bigger than anything I've jumped him over at home... he popped over it without blinking.


Not such a great angle on me there... But just focus on my cute little green horse popping over the white painted poles of death there. :yes:

This one I edited a little so that it's easier to make us out, the initial screenshot was far away and fuzzier than this.


If you must critique, if you absolutely cannot hold it in, be nice. All his training has been done by me, and I haven't had a lesson or a trainer in the past two years. Before that I had a less than good trainer. Before THAT I rode at an eventing barn :lol: (miss my eventing friends... I'm not really a hunter or equitation kind of person, pretty sure I left some of my heart back in eventing).

I just had to share SOMEWHERE how proud I am of how far this little horse has come - I remember him bucking me off a little less than a year ago. :lol:

Unfortunately, we left this little open show too early for me to run him in barrels again... :lol: (picture from last spring).


Nov. 3, 2011, 06:55 PM
Congratulations! Great job!