View Full Version : Had a blast at the Region 3 Championships in Ocala

Whitfield Farm Hanoverians
Oct. 18, 2011, 09:15 PM
This past weekend was so much fun! Great show, good horses, nice riders. Some good tests to watch. Getting together with friends at a nice show is always fun. This year was especially fun as my friend's daughter,(I claim her as mine too) Lindsey Holleger, age 15 yrs, won BOTH the 1st & 2nd level Championships plus the High Point Trakehner award for both Jr/Yr & Open divisions. She also won her 2 non-championship classes. We decided that while going to shows is always fun we REALLY enjoy them when we win!!!
Just for the record, if anyone of you were there, we were the ones cheering really loudly & riding around with the golf cart decorated with ribbons & at one time we had 6 people & 3 dogs on it! We looked like a clown car!
We were all so proud to see "our" girl do so well. She's the young lady who's going to get on my horses in the very near future. She's already been winning at 3rd level this year. Can't wait to go to more shows. So nice to be getting back into it! Oh, also Erin Brinkman is her trainer so a big brag for her too! She's great!