View Full Version : Can someone compare? Vega, Deep Seat Amerigo, Schleese Jane Savoie, Prestige 2000D

Oct. 11, 2011, 10:01 PM
Looking at all in a 17" M - I am 5'3" on a good day and 110lbs with a loooong torso, normal-ish femur, and noooooooooo calf! :lol: The saddle fitter is sending me these four and she will be here next week.

If it helps, I'm an eventer and I currently have an Amerigo monoflap CC, ...17 1/2" (would prefer 17") M. It fits both of us pretty nicely. I don't sit in it and say "OMG!", but I feel balanced and secure.

It is very hard to be effective in a jumping saddle with your lower leg when it hardly passes the middle of your horse's barrel - I am hoping the dressage saddle will allow me to work on my correctness on the flat in a more classical position and help with using my leg and seat aids more effectively.

She didn't mention if any of them were short flaps - all I know about them is what I have posted and I was wondering if anyone had ridden in all 4 and compare. Thank you very much! :)

Oct. 12, 2011, 09:33 AM
Well unless you are tiny, I'd try some 17 1/2 saddles, especially in the deeper seats, also ask the fitter to measure the flaps as it sounds like a short flap option will fit you better (if the fitter has no short flap options, then collect at least 1 on your own to bring in).

Oct. 12, 2011, 02:36 PM
Well unless you are tiny, I'd try some 17 1/2 saddles, especially in the deeper seats, also ask the fitter to measure the flaps as it sounds like a short flap option will fit you better (if the fitter has no short flap options, then collect at least 1 on your own to bring in).

Thanks alto! I am pretty small, but I don't look teensy on a horse because of my tall upper body. Whenever I meet someone for the first time and they see me sitting down prior to standing, they always comment "Wow - I thought you were a lot taller!" :lol: Nope..

This is my Amerigo CC jumping saddle (http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/315064_688738470600_17904736_35308580_331215895_n. jpg) that is 17.5", and I have a little over a hands width from my bum to the cantle. I really wanted a 17" jumping saddle, but in my budget I had to make some compromises, and the saddle fitting my horse properly is more important to me, personally. I have been riding long enough that I can compensate for little areas a saddle might not be perfect for ME, but I cannot fix a saddle that does not fit my horse's back. :)

I rode in my friend's Albion SLK Ultima (17.5", felt like I was sliding around) that has a short flap and it is at the barn and we have permission to throw that on my gelding for the fitter to look at us both in. I wasn't crazy about it. Not the flap length (that was great!), just the saddle in general. However, I did ride my friend's horse in it, and not my own - first time riding a big-moving, fancy WB when I'm used to my big, but not fancy-moving OTTB. I also am not used to riding in a dressage saddle, so I will need to rely heavily on the fitter and my trainer to guide me through identifying which saddle is best for both of us.

Anyone care to comment on things I should be looking for in terms of how the saddle should "feel"? Or if anyone can point me in the direction of some good resources. Thanks again! :D

PS - For the record, I do not ride my horse daily in a gag (actually - he doesn't go in a gag at all, anymore) - that was a jump school day. His flat bit is a loose ring with a copper bean. Only threw that in there because it had been commented on before.

Oct. 12, 2011, 04:51 PM
While I can't compare the ones you list, I do have the Amerigo Deep Dressage and love it. It is the most comfortable dressage saddle that I have ridden in, and the balance that I find in it is refreshing....a pleasure to ride in.

Good luck in your search. :)

Oct. 12, 2011, 05:11 PM
I would check out the Schleese youtube channel - there are a number of good videos concerning saddle fit, and how both you should feel and what to watch out for as far as your horse is concerned!

Oct. 12, 2011, 09:52 PM
Thanks Po! I rode in the non-deep dressage.. umm.. shallow? Hah. And did not care for it - but I think that is because it was A) 17.5" B) I prefer a deeper seat.. but I do love my Amerigo jumping saddle, so I'm really looking forward to trying the Deep Dressage. Hopefully I can find one used because my fitter only has them new. :)

3s - I have watched a few, thank you! Great resource. I am secretly rooting for the Schleese because I absolutely fell in love when I rode in my trainer's (Wave, I believe.. and actually, I think it was 18", but for some reason I LOVED it!). ;)

Oct. 12, 2011, 10:06 PM
Coming from a H/J background you'll likely prefer a more "open seat" or more "forward" balance on a dressage saddle, also look for "close contact", "short flap".
You would be able to custom order a short flap, but given this is meant as a secondary saddle, save yourself some money by shopping used; just don't compromise on the fit too much or you'll end up hating it.
A very deep saddle with massive blocks might "lock you in" to a position, but you may also find this very uncomfortable - a proper position takes time & practise to develop.
If you look at older saddles, you'll find more without the ultra deep seats & massive blocks.

Some saddles I like:

Spirig Caprice (http://www.fine-used-saddles.com/catalog.htm?Iit=1161&Ict=2) - nice short flap, doesn't have huge blocks, seat looks pretty open

Amerigo Alto (http://www.fine-used-saddles.com/catalog.htm?Iit=1173&Ict=2) - flap will likely be too long but close contact style & only a med deep seat

Compare these with the deep seat in this saddle (http://www.fine-used-saddles.com/catalog.htm?Iit=1156&Ict=2) which is also a 17. Schleese offers a more adjustable tree than many, but this is only as useful as the rep that services your area (or not).

The Debbie McDonald (http://www.fine-used-saddles.com/catalog.htm?Iit=1105&Ict=2) would be worth trying as it's designed for a shorter rider.

For resale, a 17 1/2 saddle will usually reach a wider audience but the short flap will limit the group, so you might do just as well with the 17 ...
Depending on the saddle manufacturer & seat depth, you may find a 17 is too large, is too small, is just right :lol:
Try to find a saddle that you can ride in for a week rather than just an hour.

Lovely horse btw!