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Auto Be A Storm
Oct. 11, 2011, 09:04 PM
Storm and i did a clinic this weekend with Richard Howard......we finally we able to get him back to Louisiana!!!!! I love to ride with him, such a wonderful man and great trainer. Storm and I took great big leaps in that 45 minutes!!! Can't wait to get him back here soon.
Here is a video of the "best of" clips!!!! Enjoy :)


Oct. 11, 2011, 11:04 PM
bless his heart. what are you guys working on?

Auto Be A Storm
Oct. 12, 2011, 09:38 AM
slowing down my TB!!!!!! And then getting him together to get around a BN dressage test!!!!! I am an eventer and dressage is the weakness!!!!

Oct. 12, 2011, 10:59 AM
I knew a Richard Howard in Austin TX during the 80's. Wondering if that is the same guy? Wife named Susan.

Oct. 12, 2011, 12:09 PM
Same guy.

Oct. 12, 2011, 12:26 PM
slowing down my TB!!!!!! you'll have more success redirecting the energy into brilliance than you will focusing on slowing a TB down ;)... just a little tip.
he's cute as heck!

You are obviously working with smart people, and you feel you are making progress, so this may not be needed, but here's what I see. (I teach with a strong emphasis on position) I've imbedded pictures of myself to help with the visuals.

1. at :30 when you do a downward transition, you allow your whole torso to turn into a slinky. :no: There are two videos at the bottom of this page (http://www.destinationconsensusequus.com/learning-tools.html) that will help in understanding.
Firm, strong, energy forward is what you want in a downward. When I teach downwards to people, the prep is 2-3 strides before the downward stretch your upper and lower body away from each other (like pulling taffy) then when you are ready for the downward, think about asking your horse to SIT, with strong chest, and maybe a closing of the outside rein.
2. you've got a lot of tension through your front line. I'm seeing it in the closing of your upper thigh, your lower leg in front of your hip, shoulders are up in your ears, chest is collapsed, shoulders rounded, your landing in the back of the saddle, with stiff elbows and lowered hands. Now I know that sounds like a laundry list of things! but they are all rooted in the same action, so with concentration on it, you can improve them all simultaneously.
Try the taffy pulling visualization. don't think about muscling through the stretch, but like you're being stretched by an outside source... that will keep you relaxed in the visualization (http://www.flickr.com/photos/68560509@N05/6237995296/in/photostream).
Think about riding with an aggressive navel. Pigeon out your chest, strong abs, like a soldier. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/68560509@N05/6237994662/in/photostream) then let your arms hang straight down and leg the weight fall off your elbows.
For your hands, think of carrying a tea tray that's resting on your pointer fingers, and clamped in place by your thumbs.
This all looks like defensive posture. I'm going to guess that this pretty Go pony has consistency issues, so you stay in this "on the ready" clamped position in case your nice cadenced trot falls inverted and he scoots through a shoulder. The thing is, if you watch the way he wanders through his balance in the video, you are feeding each other those bad habits. If you can get your balance and relaxation to a better position, he will become the more consistent horse you seek.
It's slight, but can you see the tension in the back of the thigh and knee in this photo (http://www.flickr.com/photos/68560509@N05/6237998340/in/photostream) in the rider? Can you see how that blocked the flow of energy for the horse?

Oct. 12, 2011, 12:46 PM
Same guy.

Oh. Interesting. Thanks.