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Oct. 8, 2011, 09:25 PM
Some of you may recall this thread:


in which I wasn't sure which horse I should ride while pregnant. The resounding reply was "What are you, nuts? Ride the mare!" LOL. So here's an update.

I took my little mare to a schooling show today and she rocked it! I am giving serious thought to working with her next year instead of my gelding. Although she's green, her training so far has all been stellar, so she is much more correct and easier to ride than my guy. My trainer really likes her too.

Here are a couple pics:




Oct. 8, 2011, 09:29 PM
Congrats! You two look great! You sure don't look pregnant:)

Oct. 8, 2011, 09:30 PM
OK, that's a seriously adorable horse!

Oct. 10, 2011, 10:50 AM
Thanks! :) I know she's not a traditional dressage breed or type, but she's so fun and willing, and my goal is not to reach the upper levels (at least not with this horse, or anytime soon) nor to compete for any reason other than fun and testing myself, so it doesn't really matter if her gaits aren't spectacular. I can't wait to see how she progresses. She's learning some lateral work now, and my trainer was playing with lengthening and shortening her stride and she accepted that concept well.

Oct. 10, 2011, 12:55 PM
You look great together :)

course now I'm wondering what your bad boy gelding looks like undersaddle <hint>

Oct. 10, 2011, 01:05 PM
Dittoing TBROCKS. She looks like a lot of fun!

Oct. 10, 2011, 01:21 PM
You look great together :)

course now I'm wondering what your bad boy gelding looks like undersaddle <hint>

You don't have to ask me twice! LOL... He's not "bad" exactly...just a lot more challenging! He kind of likes to fight.


Oct. 10, 2011, 01:22 PM
Totally cute and looks like you could go pretty far together